Tear Jerker / Voltaire

This performer has a few rather sad songs.

  • "Anastasia" is about a real girl who was killed at age 17.
  • "The Accordion Player" will tug on your heartstrings.
  • Those two are nothing compared to "Feathery Wings". One's heart can break upon hearing this line near the end of the song:
  • "Crusade".
  • The last verse of "The Beast of Pirate's Bay".
  • "Underground"
  • "Born Bad".
  • "This Sea", anyone?
  • The end of "Blue Eyed Matador."
  • "Dunce".
  • "All the Way Down" *breaks into tears*
  • "Almost Human". It kind of makes you want to give the devil a hug.
  • "The Chosen" has a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds and Abusive Parent. It's also Nightmare Fuel. Brrrr.
  • "No. 1 Fan" can turn some people into a sobbing mess.
  • "Churchyard" from his new album. The last part "No one should find out what it's like/Standing here, not having the means/To buy the medicine to save their lives."
  • "Goodnight Demon-slayer" is definitely bittersweet enough to be a Tear Jerker.
  • "The Ship's Going Down" makes you feel sad as the people's lives end abruptly and can't say goodbye to their loved ones. Of course, it turns hilarious in "To the Bottom of the Sea"—due, in part, to the reveal that most of these folks survived to have a massive battle royal with the local sealife.
  • The end of "When the Circus Came to Town" is so bad, it gave him difficulty recording the lines.
  • "Sacrifice".
  • Just by the nature of the song, Voltaire's cover of Leonard Cohen's legendary "Hallelujah".
  • "Innocent" is a song offering comfort and reassurance to the victims of bullying. It was written from the perspective of a survivor.
    Voltaire: These songs are battle-tested.