Tear Jerker: Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

  • Alone with each other after an attack from the Barbarois, D and Leila muse that no one will likely mourn the other. Leila suggests a deal to which D agrees: whoever lives longer should visit the grave of the other. At the end of the film, the nigh-immortal D keeps his end of the bargain, arriving just after Leila's burial sixty years later. She didn't die alone after all: her grave is surrounded by her family, including her granddaughter.
  • Charlotte's death in Meier's arms and his mourning. Even the hardened vampire hunter Leila, who kills vampires because It's Personal, couldn't bring herself to shoot him as he wept.
  • After Charlotte's death, D and Leila leave Meier to mourn her inside Carmilla's castle — inside which is a rocket that would take any on-board to the "City of the Night". As the castle crumbles behind D and Leila, the rocket (carrying Meier and Charlotte) fires.
    Leila: Where is he taking her?
    D: Away from here.
Leila — understanding Meier's decision after seeing him mourn for Charlotte — not only urges the rocket to keep going, but sheds tears as it escapes her sight.