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Tear Jerker: Vampire Hunter D
  • Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust has a scene at one point where D and Leila, both alone, muse that no one will likely mourn the other. Leila suggests that whoever lives longer should visit the grave of the other, and D agrees. At the end of the film, D keeps his end of the bargain, arriving just after Leila's burial sixty years later (he's immortal). He runs into her granddaughter, and then we see that she didn't die alone after all - her grave is surrounded by her family.
  • Also from Bloodlust, the scene of Charlotte's death in Meier's arms and his mourning. Even the hardened, vampire hunter Leila, who kills vampires because It's Personal, just couldn't bring herself to shoot him as he wept.
  • Yet another from Bloodlust: after Charlotte's death, D and Leila leave Meier to mourn her inside Carmilla's castle — inside which is a rocket that would take any on-board to the "City of the Night". As the castle crumbles behind D and Leila, the rocket (carrying Meier and Charlotte) fires.
    Leila: Where is he taking her?
    D: Away from here.
Leila — understanding Meier's decision after seeing him mourn for Charlotte — not only urges the rocket to keep going, but sheds tears as it escapes her sight.
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