Funny / Vampire Hunter D

  • Left Hand (a.k.a. Lefty) chastises D in the original film for still trying to resist his vampiric urges, even after being given permission by the Girl of the Week to drain her.
    D: "I wonder, do I need two hands?"
    Left Hand: "Very well, my lips are sealed."
    • The scene where Lefty slaps D to stir him from stillness.
    Left Hand: "WAKE! UP! YOU! BIG! LUMMOX!"
    • His response once D comes to and slays the incoming mist monster.
    Left Hand: Well, we made it through that one somehow.
    • His reply in the Streamline dub in the same scene.
    Left Hand: What would you do without me??? [beat] Don't answer that.
  • Bloodlust has a few, usually involving Lefty. Of particular note is the scene after D gets knocked off of Meier Link's carriage and drags his hand on the ground to steady himself. Left Hand's response?
  • Lefty isn't pleased that its advice is ignored:
    Lefty: Yeah, well, what's the sound of one hand yapping...
  • And, of course, the last line of the film:
    Well, that was nice. You're not so bad after all... you just dress bad.