* Left Hand, in the original film, chatises D for still trying to resist his vampiric urges, even after being given permission by the GirlOfTheWeek to drain her.
-->'''D''': "Damn you. Do you ''want'' me to cut you off?"
-->'''Left Hand''': "... I'll be good."
* ''Bloodlust'' has a few, usually involving Left Hand. Of particular note is the scene after D gets knocked of off Meier Link's carriage and drags his hand on the ground to steady himself. Left Hand's response?
-->'''Left Hand''': UGH! MY NOSE! MY NOOOSE!
:: And, of course, the last line of the film:
--> Well, that was nice. You're not so bad after all. ...you just dress bad.
* Left Hand isn't pleased that its advice is ignored:
--> '''Left Hand''': Yeah, well, what's the sound of one hand yapping...