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Heartwarming: Vampire Hunter D
  • Bloodlust had a few, especially the ending. However, what got this Troper was D's negotiations for a new horse being interrupted by the town sheriff and his posse trying to throw him out. The old man producing a BFG, dressing the sheriff down, and explaining why he's selling the horse to D, had to be a small bright spot in the main characters long life.
  • Novel 2, Raiser of Gales, ends with D leaving the town of Tepes after a successful... kind of... job. The girl Lina, who was a vampire/human genetically modified hybrid, delivers a stirring speech about the history of the Nobility, expressing her wish that maybe, someday, humanity and the Nobility could put aside their differences to make both races stronger... and then dissolves, as she was an imperfect trial. As D leaves Tepes, the boy who was in love with Lina shouts to him that he'll be going to the Capital in Lina's place - to carry on her studies about the Nobility. D smiles.
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