Awesome: Vampire Hunter D

  • While there are many to choose from, this troper thought the moment D blocked all the pellets from three shotguns at once with a blade of grass, then proceeded to stab one of the men with said grass, to be epic!
  • Bloodlust is directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. You know, the same guy who did Ninja Scroll. The entire movie is pure, unadulterated awesome, from the thrilling opening scene where Meier's carriage sweeps through the town, causing crosses to crumple, plants to die and water to freeze just from the chill of his passage, all the way to D and Meier's final, epic duel at the end of the movie.
  • Anytime D fights, really.
  • In Tyrant's star, D gets erased from existence. HE COMES RIGHT BACK AND KILLS THE GUY! D did, in 20 seconds, what took Alucard 30 years.
  • Also from Bloodlust, and may also count as a Heartwarming Moment: Meier Link's love for Charlotte is so strong that he's willing to brave the sunlight to get her back.