Tearjerker / TwoKinds

  • Laura's death.
  • Flora getting snubbed by other tiger keidran for being "domesticated." Even telling her she's not a "True Tiger."
  • Keith went through Fire and Water to get back in his peoples good graces again, and nearly lost it all because the son of the man who decided to ruin his life agreed with his father's bastard decisions. It's only Alaric's Thanatos Gambit and King Adieliade's Reasonable Authority Figure status that keeps it from happening.
  • Keith's entire life!
    • His dad kills his mother, and then Keith accidentally kills him — and it's later revealed that his dad was basically framed for his mother's death and he essentially committed suicide on his own son's spear rather than live without her.
    • Because his dad was a hero — and, more importantly, the basitin who actually did murder Keith's mother was one of the highest ranked leaders of the basitin people — Keith is blamed for the murder and avoids death only by being sent into exile, whilst being cruelly given an impossible task that will allow him to come home.
    • Initially, he gets taken in by a lovely young fox keidran named Laura, and the two actually get engaged, with Keith happy to give up on his insane quest for her... then she gets cold feet and runs away, refusing to talk to him until he is forced away from the village at spearpoint, because she "obviously" doesn't want him around anymore.
    • He then decides he has nothing left but to try and complete his "quest", implicitly hoping it'll get him killed in the trying...only, miraculously, he succeeds! He finds his target, befriends him, and gets him to willingly come back to the Basitin Isles with him. He even, unwittingly, starts to fall in love again, this time with Natani, the FTM transgender wolf keidran.
    • And then, when he arrives, in short order, his ex-fiancee tracks him down for a heartfelt reunion, he's ordered to murder Natani and he almost does it, then he nearly commits suicide to stop the pain of refusing to follow his orders, his childhood best friend gets killed, his ex-fiancee gets killed, he finds out the truth behind his father's death and is nearly executed, and then he leaves by his own will.
    • Leaving the isles, he tries to use magic to come to terms with his fiancee's death and the strain of it almost kills it.
    • Narrowly surviving, he and Natani finally sit down and talk about their feelings, coming to the conclusion that they are mutually attracted and start up a relationship... and then, because Natani's idiot brother Zen has gotten himself captured and locked into a magic-nullifyng shackle, the Mental Fusion is unbroken and Natani plunges into a weeks-long coma he won't come out of.
    • And then the ship is blown up, apparently killing Natani! He actually came out of his coma and escaped just in time, it turns out. Seriously, you really want to give Keith a hug at this point.