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Tear Jerker: The Originals
  • The fate of Katie and Thierry, two star-crossed lovers caught in Klaus's plans. Katie ends up with her neck snapped and Thierry ends up entombed for the next one hundred years. The worst part is that Thierry was willing to walk to his doom with some dignity. But after Katie's death, he ends up sounding so defeated.
  • Cami begging Klaus not to basically MindRape the trauma of the Murder-Suicide of her brother, because it is a part of what makes her who she is. Both are in tears over this violation. The worst part is that Klaus was trying to do something nice for her.
  • The Sowing for the Harvest Ritual: three witches killed, including Sophie's niece Monique while Davina and Sophie tried to stop it. Had Marcel not intervened, Davina would have been dead as well.
    • That's not all either: after the Harvest Ritual, the four young girl witches were supposed to resurrect, though Sophie didn't believe it at the time. She changes her mind afterward when she noticed it was working and when Jane-Anne tells her that with Davina still alive, none of the other girls will resurrect, which includes her daughter Monique. If Davina isn't killed before time runs out, then Monique would have sacrificed herself for nothing. Guilt-ridden, Sophie vows to her sister to finish the ritual and bring Monique back whatever it takes, and together, they set up the plan that became the premise of the show. A plan that cost Jane-Anne her life, and may very well cost Sophie her own.
  • Davina retelling of the Harvest to Elijah is told in a borderline broken monotone, sounding like a victim of PTSD. She then reveals on that day she lost her faith in her people. People like her mother and others who just stood there as their daughters begged not to be slaughtered like animals And her fear that if they lied about the Harvest itself, how can she trust them in regards to the supposed resurrection? In the end the plain fact is she doesn't want to die.
  • Cami's rage at Klaus can count as well.. he reveals to Cami that he found the one responsible for the heinous crime of driving her brother into an insane murder-suicide. When she asks who he tells her not to worry about it as Agnes has been killed. Of course Cami is furious that Klaus has made her part of a revenge murder and enraged that her emotions are being controlled thanks to compulsion. The sad part is the awkward comforting pat he gave to her when he told her as if once again he was trying to be nice. And his shocked and hurt reaction when Cami slapped him instead of thanked him. He decides just to leave her instead of reacting in his usual brutal manner. The worst part is that once again Klaus has gone out of his way to be nice but forgets the world he lives in with it's constant and casual murder,where a pregnant werewolf reacts with mild interest as last night's victim is dragged to the rubbish as she finishes her cereal, is not the kind of world normal people want to be part of.
  • Hayley finds out that her baby's blood can be used to sire hybrids, and assumes that that's the only reason Klaus is interested in his child. When Elijah and Hayley confront him about it, he actually looks hurt. It's not unreasonable to assume that of someone like Klaus, but in this one instance, he genuinely cares about the baby and concludes his heartbreaking speech about how even his own child will see him as nothing more than a 'bastard'. And then he bites Elijah's neck.
  • The Funeral for Marcel's people who decided to stand with him against Klaus. Diego and others is dousing bodies with alcohol for a funeral pyre while Marcel looks on mournfully and a haunting funeral dirge is played by sax.
  • Elijah's howl of anguish as he clutches the body of his lover Celeste. The memory of it (and how deeply he loved her) affected him so much that while sick with fever from Klaus' bite, his time with her was what he hallucinated amongst all his other memories.
  • After Klaus found out about Marcel and Rebekah's relationship, he daggers Rebekah for fifty-two years. It's bad enough that Rebekah has to deal with the fact that her own brother essentially took a generation of life from her. But that's not what makes her break down: it's the fact that Klaus tells her that he offered Marcel a deal - hold onto his love for Rebekah and live his days as a human, or renounce her and become a vampire. Right on cue, Marcel walks in...not a day older than the last time she saw him.
  • Klaus confronting Elijah and Rebekah about their respective betrayals (him believing Tyler's claims about a plan to use the baby to make hybrids, her plotting against him with Marcel) at the end of "The River in Reverse". He wasn't just angry, he was so genuinely hurt, he actually shed tears.
  • Davina weeping over over the dead body of Tim who Klaus just used to poison Davina as a back up plan. He intended her to be killed as well but Marcel had a back up plan to his back plan. She ends up begging him to wake up, and basically watches the last bit of normal from her past life die in front of her.
  • "Après Moi, Le Déluge" had quite a few:
    • Marcel is comforting a dying Davina as she is making a choice to complete the Harvest in order to prevent destroying New Orleans when she overloads.
      Davina: "Marcel, it's okay."
      Marcel: "No, I failed you..."
      Davina: "I'll die whether I do this or not. Now, the only option is whether I take everyone with me. If you look at it that way, it's kind of selfish not to do it."
      Marcel: "There has to be another way; this is not the way it ends!"
      Davina: "And if it is? If this is all I've had? I've had a lot... I had Monique, I had Tim, and I had someone who fought for me from the moment you met me."
      Marcel: "Oh Davina."
      Davina: "Most people don't get that even if they live to be one hundred. Marcel. I'm ready."
  • After a year struggling, wrecked with guilt at her intervention preventing the original Harvest and the cost of her sisters life. Sophie Ann has completed the Harvest and can finally resurrect her niece via the reaping.
    Sophie Ann: "We call upon the Elders to resurrect your chosen ones."
    • Nothing happens, and we cut to the still dead bodies of the girls. Marcel, Klaus, Hayley, Rebekah, and Elijah search for signs of life from the girls.
    Sophie Ann:"Please...? I beg."
    • Finally Sophie just gives up and ends up cradling the body of her dead niece and breaks down crying...
    • It gets even sadder for her afterwords. In the next episode, we find her drowning her sorrows, and in the episode after that she finally meets the apparently newly resurrected Monique... only to try to get her out of town and to safety in vain. The episode ends with Monique, of all people, killing her Aunt Sophie, citing a lack of faith on Sophie's part for the reason before walking off with the Big Bad Duumvirate of revenge-obsessed witches. At this point, Sophie's eight month long tragic quest comes to a tragic end.
  • 1.14 gives us Rebekah: alone, sick with werewolf venom, running through a creepy-ass Abandoned Hospital in a futile attempt to stop Genevieve from showing Klaus that she and Marcel had conspired to bring Mikael to New Orleans in 1919.
    • Genevieve deserves a mention here as well. Before becoming twisted and cold with vengeance, the flashbacks in this episode showed that she used to be a sweet, naive girl who made the honest mistake of trusting Rebekah's overtures of friendship. Once Rebekah got cold feet about summoning Mikael, and Genevieve told her the spell was irreversible, Rebekah infected her and her friend (who had been possessed by Celeste) with influenza. Then she compelled the orderlies to put the women in quarantine until they died horrible, bloody deaths from the disease.
    • Klaus' reaction when he sees the truth. He howls and cries, but as Genevieve shows him more memories, his anguish becomes more muted. He's on the verge of tears throughout. And then he picks up Papa Tunde's knife and goes hunting for Rebekah.
      • And again when Elijah shows up and stabs him with that same knife before he can do the same to Rebekah. The look on both their faces...this is going to be an event that will make or break this family.
    • And Episode 1.15 makes this even worse. In the flashback of the day Mikael ran the Originals out of New Orleans, Klaus had finally given his blessing for Rebekah and Marcel to be together. Their betrayal had ultimately been for nothing.
  • The flashback of Rebekah in the aftermath of Mikael driving them out of New Orleans. She's stricken with grief and horror at what she has done, and the consequences of it (i.e Marcel apparently burning to death in the opera house).
  • Even though she was ultimately done in by her own hatred of the Originals, Celeste may have ultimately won, as the episode 1.15 ends with the Originals staring each other down. Klaus with an indestructible white oak stake (the only thing that can kill an Original vampire) and going full hybrid, with Elijah and Rebekah on the other side gearing up with Papa Tunde's knife as their weapon. One thousand years, and ultimately the three siblings seem to have reached a point of no return.
  • 1.15 is one big Tear Jerker for the Originals themselves. The flashback had shown that Klaus had done the impossible and had united all the supernatural and human factions in town, Rebekah and Marcel can finally be together, and the siblings are finally happy. Then Mikael comes to town and destroys their home and everything they'd built since they arrived centuries ago, in just one night. All they can do is flee from their father, having to go through the anguish of losing yet another home. And what makes this particular one sting, is that they thought that they'd lost Marcel as well, the closest person they've called family outside of their own blood.
  • In the aftermath of 1.15, Klaus and Rebekah realizing that they've suffered too much damage - from their father and from each other - to stay together, even if they still love each other. Klaus allows Rebekah to leave New Orleans for good, and she takes that chance.
    • The various flashbacks to the Originals' lives before they were turned into vampires. Klaus and Rebekah had always been close to each other since they were children, with Rebekah even going so far as to sneak into Mikael's room to kill him in his sleep for his vicious abuse towards Klaus, which she would have done if Elijah hadn't intervened.
  • And then there's Davina. As punishment for helping Marcel against the witches, the spirits of the ancestors kept her isolated and alone. While the other three Harvest girls were trained and comforted, she was somewhere 'cold and dark.' And when she wasn't alone, she was tormented by the ancestors and threatened with terrible punishment if she ever uses her powers to help vampires again.
    • It gets worse in the following episode, where Davina is afraid to even use magic due to her trauma. Worse, the rest of the Harvest Girls - including Monique, who used to be like a sister to her - aren't even aware of how the ancestors tortured her, or that they even care. They bully her and call her weak. Even in her community, Davina is still and may always be an outsider.
  • Poor Marcel , in less then one day he lost the woman he loves, had to give up the girl he swore to protect in order to save her sanity. Is exiled from the only home he has ever known, lost his kingdom , his people and faces an uphill battle to regain his dignity.
  • Klaus' speech about how vampires are the 'antithesis of unity'. It's a thinly-veiled commentary on his own family, and offers a hint as to how much he misses Rebekah.
  • Elijah killing Thierry to teach Marcel a lesson for violating the terms of his exile. It's the second time Marcel has ever wept on-screen (the first being Davina's death). Mitigated in that Thierry's death is what finally convinces the other vampires in the Quarter to join Marcel in what may be a fatal rebellion against the Originals.
  • Klaus' face in the aftermath of Marcel's surprise attack at the witch festival. When the lights come back on, he sees Hayley on the floor, looking bewildered. As he starts to go to her, she calls for Elijah instead.
    • And in the same episode, Elijah bitterly telling Klaus that he's denied every impulse he ever had for his own happiness just so he could devote himself to the redemption of his brother. And in the face of him finding out that Klaus had been meeting with the werewolves in secret, Elijah has had enough.
      Elijah: "If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results, then surely my quest for your salvation ranks me as one of the maddest of men."
  • The death of Father Kieran. He'd been in transition in an attempt to stop the hex, and just as he's made the decision to die with peace, the hex comes back. He attacks Camille and almost kills her before Klaus snaps his neck and stakes him. Camille is all but catatonic at the end of the episode, and numb with grief for the next.
  • There might have been few people who don't feel a little bit sorry for Genevieve. She doesn't want to kill Klaus' unborn child, and pleads in tears with the witch ancestors for any alternative, that she doesn't want to be a monster for killing a baby. Everything she's done since being resurrected becomes less a calculated move for power and more of the desperate actions of a woman who doesn't want to die. To make it worse, the ancestors physically torture her until she finally caves.
  • Klaus at the end of 1.21. He's been outgambitted by people he'd never seen coming (Francesca and Genevieve), and in his single-minded determination to eliminate Marcel, his home is filled with vampires bitten by werewolves, his blood is being used so that when a werewolf suppresses the urge to turn at moonlight he loses his strength, he's lost control of the city, Marcel might be permanently estranged from him, and worst of all, the witches have taken Hayley so that his unborn child can be sacrificed for their power. Is it any wonder that he screams at the end of the episode? Oh, and to make things worse, Davina has agreed to resurrect Mikael, unbeknownst to him.
  • The season finale is basically one huge tearjerker on top of another:
    • Klaus incapacitated by the witches and being forced to watch as they first steal his daughter and then kill Hayley. And then Elijah finds her body in the church and completely loses it. Subverted in that since Hayley died with the baby's blood in her system, she woke up in transition and is now a hybrid.
    • Elijah breaking down when trying to find the baby. Having believed Hayley died and they'd never find the baby, he actually cries and tells Klaus how he let them in to his heart, which is something he never does.
    • Marcel, after rescuing the baby, takes her in the hopes he can use her blood to heal his men. Unknown to him, Davina has resurrected Mikael...who feeds only on vampire blood. He goes back to the compound to find every single vampire dead. Basically after everything he did to protect his Vampire family , he ended up losing all of them. Both his leiutenants Deigo and Thierry who he treated as brothers. Including every single New Orleans Vampire has been killed . Leaving Marcel the only New Orleans Vampire left in the City.
    • Hayley comes up with the idea to give her daughter up so she can be safe while herself and the Originals deal with their enemies. In order to do that, they have to pretend that she was killed during the Guerrera werewolf attacks, and then say goodbye.
      • And while she's making that heartbreaking decision, Hayley has to drink her own child's blood so she can survive and transition into a hybrid. Her anguished face as she pricks the baby with a needle and the baby starts wailing....
    • Klaus' and Rebekah's reunion as he gives little Hope Mikaelson to her for safekeeping.
    • Klaus telling Camille that they can't be friends anymore, as the danger she faces from just associating with him is too much.
    • Finally, the revelation that Esther Mikaelson has taken control of the ancestor witches, and that it was her idea to sacrifice the baby. Even in death, Esther won't stop hunting her children, even willing to kill her own granddaughter to get what she wants.
  • The state of New Orleans and the Mikaelson family in general at the start of the second season. The Guerreras have all but driven the vampires out of New Orleans, Klaus has locked himself in his home for several months and still suffers during the full moon when the kyanite stones sap his strength so the wolves don't transform, Hayley has distanced herself from both Elijah and Klaus...and it's clear that their collective grief at losing Hope is not just for show.
    • Special mention goes to Hayley not just for losing her baby and her pack, but losing what was left of her humanity. Being a hybrid makes her feel like a traitor to her family, unnatural...and she thinks that the reason Elijah has cooled down on their blossoming romance is because he loved her when she wasn't a 'monster.'
    • Then there's the fact that despite being a hybrid, Hayley voluntarily turns into a werewolf during her nightly rampages. This, in a universe where turning has been established as horrifyingly painful, serves as a clue as to her fragile state of mind as her desire to hold onto her werewolf heritage.
  • Despites mentoring Marcel as a child, and loving him as a favoured younger brother, Elijah is forced to give Marcel the cold shoulder and break the boy's heart. All so that Marcel would return under Klaus' wing, and that Klaus could retain his link to his humanity.
  • Klaus learns that the starling necklace his mother gave him - one of the few happy memories he still has of his childhood - was enchanted to suppress his werewolf gene. Esther only gave him the necklace because she was afraid Klaus would activate the curse and expose her infidelity. His heartbreaking rant to her when he realises this is such that she can't even look him in the eye, despite her justifications for it.
    • It's also heartbreaking to see how easily Klaus loses control when he faces either of his parents. All it took was ten minutes in the same room with her, and Klaus almost regresses back into a childlike state in his anger. However much he postures and threatens to kill his mother, it's clear that she's still got a hold on him - indeed, on all the Originals - that he can't shake.
  • Thanks to Esther, Elijah's darkest secret is exposed. That a thousand years ago, Esther did not murder Tatia the love of his life, but a stressed and newly turned Elijah who lost control during a confrontation with her when she was wounded. He literally chased her down, and savagely drank her dry. Distraught and horrified, he turned to his mother who erased and reshaped his memory with his permission. His sin was hidden behind both a physical and symbolic Red Door . This is the reason why Elijah is repressed and values self control, and also reveals that his tendency to value other peoples joy and happiness over his own is self punishment for an act he has repressed for centuries.
  • In the flashback of 2.06, Freya's screams for her mother as Dahlia carries her away.
  • Klaus killing Ansel. He sincerely wants to believe that he can trust his father, but has to do what's best for his daughter, by not letting the secret get out.
    • Esther's reaction to seeing his corpse. She's lost the man she loved a second time.
  • Rebekah sadly noting that she knows she has to give Hope back to Hayley when it's safe for her to return to New Orleans. She even tells Elijah that her time with Hope makes her wish that she could have children of her own.
  • In a way, Finn telling Cami that the reason Esther chose her to be Rebekah's Soul Jar is that she's physically healthy...and alone. It's a stark reminder that outside of Klaus, Marcel and Davina, Cami doesn't really have any family or friends to turn to, especially since the death of her uncle Kieran. No-one would notice if Rebekah takes over her body and she acts differently, because she doesn't have anyone who would even tell the difference.
  • Plenty in the mid-season finale:
    • Klaus wanting to burn the first family picture with Hope in it as he doesn't want to her to be in danger.
    • In a twisted way, seeing Esther in transition is pretty painful to watch. It's never fun to see a grown woman cry, and Sonja Sohn's portrayal makes you feel it, too.

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