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Davina is Klaus's and Hayley's Kid from the Future
She bears a striking resemblance to Hayley, and she is a super-powered witch (just like Klaus's mother).
  • But can she be a witch if she's part werewolf and part vampire? Or did the werewolf and vampire genes get crossed out, leaving her mortal and picking up on her grandmother's gifts?
  • Jossed

The reason Davina is so powerful is because she's not entirely human
The way she dresses, her calling the Originals 'The Old Ones'...she's got faerie in her from some distant supernatural ancestor, which augments her ab0ilities.
  • Jossed she has the power of four witches

Davina has her own agenda
The reason she agreed to help Marcel shut down the witches in the Quarter is because there's a hidden reservoir of pure magical power in New Orleans after centuries of witches living there. She needs the witches out of the way so she can have unlimited access to it, and eventually become strong enough to take Marcel and every other vampire out. In the meantime, she also needs Marcel to take care of the Originals, as their presence is somehow affecting her full potential (as if she's not strong enough already).

The baby is going to be the world's first dhampir, and nature's last-ditch effort to end Klaus once and for all
Since a werewolf-vampire-mortal hybrid would cause too much of an imbalance in nature, the child is going to be a proper daywalker, half-vampire and half-human, who is immune to that pesky 'kill an Original and every vampire who shares their bloodline dies' loophole. And hir destiny will be to kill Klaus.

Davina is either the Bigger Bad or will eventually make a Heel–Face Turn

The baby could be the Antichrist
Hayley will find out what the ominous Latin from 1.03 will be, and will eventually decide that destiny can go screw itself, and to raise her baby with goodness. What may make the baby evil is the environment and/or trauma of being raised by Klaus and all that entails.

Davina will unlink Sophie and Hayley
Allowing the Originals to kill her.
  • Confirmed, but they haven't kill Sophie yet
  • And now she's dead, though not by The Originals' hands

Hayley is an Original Werewolf
The show is called "The Originals" but may refer to more than just Klaus/Rebekah and Elijah. It may include Hayley who has a wolf mark on her back, and seems to have some wolf protectors.

The resurrection aspect of the Harvest is complete and utter Bull
Sophie like her sister belives that if she completes the Harvest by killing Davina, then Monique will be brought back to life vis a via the rebirth part of the Harvest ritual. But anyone who has seen the last couple of seasons of The Vampire Diaries can attest you can't cheat nature, just ask ask Bonnie and Jeremy and their current situation. Any group that has no problem turning some poor innocent insane to teach the local priest a lesson. Is the kind of group that will use bullshit to sugar coat human sacrifice.
  • Jossed: Completing the Harvest should have revived the sacrifices had the power not been hijacked by Celeste/Sabine.

Marcel never planned on giving Jane-Anne a second chance.
He was waiting for her to slip up so he would have the opportunity to kill someone who willingly offered her child up for sacrifice which Marcel doesn't care for.

It is the baby, not Hayley the hybrids would be sired to
  • Confirmed

Hayley's ultimate ancestor is Fenrir
Which would explain why her werewolf line is so revered as to be considered royalty.

The 'baby' will eventually become twins
So far, the hybrid baby is capable of healing and can already produce hybrids from its blood without the Doppelganger. Its existence has been described as 'nature's loophole', so nature will correct that by having Hayley carry twins. The diffusion of blood will render their hybrid-making abilities to minimal.
  • So far, the baby is shown to be part werewolf, part vampire and part witch from Esther, the Originals' mother. That much potential power in just one child will cause too much of an imbalance for nature. One twin will end up being a hybrid, while the other will get the witch genes.
  • Jossed.

A grown-up version of the baby will show up
She'll probably be a Dark Messiah at best or the Big Bad of a Bad Future. One thing she won't be is a Daddy's Little Villain.

The wolf helping Hayley is one of her siblings
In the family tree left for her, there are a few names above hers, all born around the same time as she was. They're her older siblings, and one of them has been watching over her since the series began.
  • Eve mentioned that Marcel got a witch to reverse the wolves' cycle, so they only turn human during the full moon.
  • Jossed. The wolf is named Jackson, and he and Hayley were apparently betrothed.

Marcel called Mikael to New Orleans
It explains why Mikael didn't kill him.
  • Partially confirmed: It was Rebekah's idea to bring Mikael to New Orleans. Marcel went along with it.

The reason for the Harvest Festival is not only to preserve the witches' power
It's to prevent Celeste from absorbing that power for herself. After she died, she told Elijah to bury her in their special place between two oak saplings. Unknown to him, those trees are hallowed to witches and are one of the primary sources of magic in New Orleans. By burying her there, Elijah unknowingly puts her at the nexus of that magic, and her soul begins to absorb it so that she can be strong enough to wipe out the Originals. The other witches begin the Festival to preserve their magic, and also to 'purify' the trees so Celeste never becomes strong enough to unleash hell. Sophie-Anne has basically unearthed a vengeful witch that's been trapped in the magical equivalent of The Lifestream for nearly four centuries.

Hayley will become a Hybrid
It had previously been established that the baby's blood has the potential of creating new Hybrids; which is a pretty major plot development to be just a throwaway device to drive a wedge between Klaus and Elijah. It's also been established that same blood is in Hayley's system as it had helped heal her on at least one occasion. As such, this will all culminate in Hayley dying at some point and accidentally becoming a Hybrid; either before or as a consequence of childbirth. Incidentally, this helps the show as it resolves the need to have Hayley transform into a wolf at various points of the season, raises Hayley up to the same league as the other main characters in the balance of power to allow her to get more actively involved in the various power struggles, as well as (if she's killed before childbirth) resolve the need to get baby actors to play the child. Confirmed as of the season finale

Mikael is going to be brought back from the dead
He has been name dropped a few times so it's possible that by either the end of the season or somewhere down the road Mikael will make a return.
  • Pretty much confirmed.

Elijah will give Celeste her true death
It was Klaus' lies that got her killed. And Rebekah killed her when she was possessing Genevieve's friend in 1919. Seems to make sense that he kills her for good.
  • Confirmed as of 1.15.

The other Originals will make an appearance
With the Other Side falling apart, a lot of supernatural souls are trying not to blink out of existence. Mikael has enlisted Davina's help to return to life so he can further torment his children. Who's to say that Kol or Finn won't come back as well via similar means? Or even Esther?
  • And don't forget Rebekah! Now that Hayley's in premature labour and her baby is about to be sacrificed by a coven of witches, Rebekah has every reason to return to the city and fight for the life of her niece.
  • Partially confirmed. Rebekah makes an appereance...for Klaus to give her his daughter to hide in secret while he ensures the city is cleared of his enemies so she can return home.
  • Now fully confirmed, with the appearance of Esther, Finn and Kol as season two's new Big Bads.

The young man seen living the cemetery with Esther
at the end of the season Esther is possessing Cassie and - combined with her own power and that of the New Orleans witches - pulled Henrik from where his spirit resides. He becomes corrupted like Monique did during her time with the ancestor witches.
  • Jossed, it's been confirmed by the producers to be Finn

Hope will get a Plot-Relevant Age-Up
Because after all the build up around her character, there's no way they won't.

Kaleb is Kol
People have long wanted him and Davina together and they will eventually got their wish. confirmed

Both Davina and Marcel dropped their last names
Marcel used to be Marcel Mikaelson, but wanted out Klaus's shadow, so started going by Gerard. After rescuing Davina, he convinced her to cut ties with her family who betrayed her.

will fall for Davina And it will lead to the two of them becoming a couple.

Hayley isn't the last of the Crescent wolves
Much like how remnants of the Guerreras still survived Marcel's purge, it will be revealed that there is still a pack of Crescent wolves out there. And they will be led by an older sibling of Hayley's.
  • Confirmed since Jackson is still alive.

Davina will help Kol get his body back
He wants to be a vampire again and she's probably interested in seeing what he really looks like

Dahlia had a hand in the murder of Klaus' father and his family, as well as Esther's first death
In the same way that Elijah was the one who killed Tatia, it's going to be revealed that Dahlia came looking for Esther to collect Klaus the same way she collected Freya, and orchestrated the events that led to Mikael killing Klaus' biological father, as well as Klaus killing Esther.

Hope will have a Plot-Relevant Age-Up
At some point Hope will age from an infant to a teenaged hybrid. Possibly during a dramatic moment to save both her parents.

Freya is The Dragon to Dahlia
They made a point of introducing a coven of witches fascinated with necromancy in the same episode where it's revealed that Freya's still active. Dahlia, wherever she is, must have felt that Hope was still alive. So she arranged for her niece's body to be moved to the asylum to draw strength from the damaged witches. The necromancers run the place, disrupting anyone who tries to use a spell so the energy being channeled isn't disrupted. Freya's motivation for willingly serving Dahlia? Vengeance, pure and simple. Her own mother did nothing while she was taken away from her, and she's spent the last thousand years watching her brothers and sister 'live' while she did not.

Rebekah inhabits the same body as Dahlia

Hayley's going to be pregnant, this time with Jackson's baby.
Hope's conception proved that hybrids can still breed, seeing as they're only 'half' vampire. The same thing will go for Hayley, and she'll end up being pregnant with a super wolf baby.

Dahlia cursed Mikael to hate Klaus.

Out of all his children Klaus was the only child we see Mikael brutally beat. The others he terrorized but Klaus is the one he aimed the most vitriol towards. Even in his final moments he seemed surprised to realize that he always hated Klaus for no apparent reason hence his surprise when admitting I just did. In flashbacks we are lead to believe that Mikael was overjoyed with the birth of Klaus. Cut to a few years later and he seems to focus on belittling and beating his son. Quite a change . Is it too hard to believe that Dahlia wanted to keep her sister family broken, to make them more vulnerable to the deal. What better way then to turn a stern but fair father figure into an ax crazy tyrant who abuses the youngest of them.
  • It's heavily implied that Mikael always knew, perhaps instinctively that Klaus was not his son.
  • It was never implied that Mikael even suspected that Klaus was not his. Hence why in their final moments Mikael said he had no idea why. The man was known for his brutal honesty if he even suspected for a second he would have said it to Klaus to make him hurt. He never suspected so he never used it against the then human Klaus. Considering his temper if Mikael had suspected he would have confronted Esther.

Lucien and Tristan are working together to bring down the Mikaelsons
They're telling Klaus and Elijah half-truths and pointing accusations at each other. In reality, they've been working together from day one because they've found out how to kill the Originals without endangering the remaining vampires in the world.
  • Confirmed as of 3.07. Tristan, Lucien and Aurora are working to imprison the Originals in New Orleans.
  • Semi-Jossed - While Tristan and Aurora where planning to imprison the Originals. Lucien was actually manipulating events in order to use the Originals, millions of dollars of research, New Orleans magic, the blood of the last human Mikaelson and the last piece of white oak to turn himself into an Uber Original\ Wolf hybrid. That is not only faster, stronger, tougher and more ferocious then any of the Originals. But has a bite then can kill them as well.