Tear Jerker / Princess Returning Pearl

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     Original Series 1 
  • The dream sequence where Qian Long remembers Xia Yu He's tearful fears that his love will never be as strong as hers.
     Original Series 2 
  • Han Xiang and Meng Dan's initially star-crossed love: they tried to elope seven times and failed each time because Han Xiang carries a scent that could be traced.
  • Everyone's reactions to the assassination attempt by the Empress's men, who they believe to be acting on Qian Long’s orders.
    • When encountering soldiers who are ordered to track them down while they are on the run, Yong Qi always tried not to harm them too much because they are still the palace's soldiers and he feels as a prince, he still has to honour them. But upon hearing that the Empress's assassins were "under order" - and believing them to be Qian Long's orders - Yong Qi begins to attack a lot more aggressively than he did before.
    • When the battle is over, Yong Qi bitterly remarks that he still can't believe Qian Long would really want them dead so much that he would send assassins after them.
    • Er Kang proves that just as much as the emperor formerly loves him as a son, he also respects the emperor as a father. Thus, just like Yong Qi, he is also deeply hurt.
    • Then there is Xiao Yan Zi, who screams out of the carriage window, asking Qian Long whether he's satisfied with their current battered state.
    • The entire thing that makes this an even worst tear jerker, is that while all this is happening, Qian Long is no longer angry at them and is only desperate to keep them safe. After the above scene, we cut to the palace where Qian Long is both enraged and panicked at the news that his children are injured.
     Original Series 3 – Tian Shang Ren Jian 
  • Let's just say, the entire situation with Zhi Hua.
    • Xiao Yan Zi begging Yong Qi to marry Zhi Hua to save Xiao Jian's life.
    • Xiao Yan zi pushing Yong Qi out of her room to make him consummate his marriage with Zhi Hua because she feels that she "owes" Zhi Hua.
     2011 Remake