Funny / Princess Returning Pearl

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     Original Series 1 
  • Xiao Yan Zi dressing up as an eunuch to sneak out of the palace to visit Zi Wei.
    • Then getting mistaken by Yong Qi and Er Tai for being a real eunuch.
  • Xiao Yan Zi faking committing suicide.
  • Xiao Yan Zi and her entire household, also Er Kang, Er Tai and Yong Qi, coming together to help her write lines as a punishment for Qian Long. Then later, when Qian Long asks why there are all these different handwritings, she admits outright that she enlisted help because there was a loophole in Qian Long's orders that did not prohibit help.
    • When asked which are the lines she wrote, Xiao Yan Zi honestly admits that the ones that look ugly and messy are hers, the ones that are neat and tidy and beautiful are not.
  • Then there are her poetry, especially the one where she's talking about two dogs fighting and when reading them, she basically points at Qian Long and Ji Xiao Lan, as if she was talking about them.
  • Xiao Yan Zi trying to teach Jin Suo martial arts.
     Original Series 2 
  • Xiao Yan Zi fakes fainting to escape Lao Fo Ye. More hilarious because Yong Qi really believes that she fainted for real and basically acted very concerned, even threatening Rong Mo Mo.
    • Zi Wei's face when she realised that Xiao Yan Zi was faking it.
  • Any attempts to catch the "thief" by Xiao Yan Zi.
  • The parrot.
  • Xiao Yan Zi's essay on drinking water.
    Xiao Yan Zi: Everyone has to drink water. You have to drink in the morning, at noon, at night. If you are thirsty, obviously you need to drink water, but you can also drink when you are not thirsty. If it's cold, drink warm water, if it's hot, drink cold water. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, you have to drink water. Men have to to drink water, women also have to drink, old people and children also have to drink. Cats, dogs and pigs also have to drink, so clearly human have to drink as well.
    • More hilarious is everyone's reactions, trying not to laugh. Yong Qi is the most hilarious. At first, he looks sort of confused, probably thinking, "Where is this going?" and then he just struggles to hold in laughter, until Er Kang hit him on the back and he burst out laughing.
    • Er Kang, Yong Qi and Zi Wei's attempts to discretely tell Xiao Yan Zi the second verse of the idiom. Qian Long knows exactly what they are doing and even turn around so that Zi Wei could whisper it directly to Xiao Yan Zi, but she still gets it wrong.
    • Then Xiao Yan Zi's attempts at explaining idioms afterwards.
    • Later she parodies herself with another essay about eating, which is practically identical, just substituting the word "eating" in for "drinking".
  • Drunken Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei.
  • The axe incident.
  • Xiao Yan Zi cooks a meal and gives most the dishes violent names (in everyone else's opinions). And then it turns out she added salt instead of sugar to one dish.
     Original Series 3 Tian Shang Ren Jian 
     2011 Remake