Heartwarming / Princess Returning Pearl

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     Original Series 1 
  • Qian Long helping Xiao Yan Zi drink water when she first wakes up from the arrow wound. You can literally see the way her eyes shines with amazement and love, the very image of a child being pampered and taken care of for the first time in her life. Itís not hard to see why she foolishly thought she could borrow Zi Weiís father until her craving for a family subsided.
  • Yong Qiís first reaction on knowing that Xiao Yan Zi is not a real princess is never to report her, but how to keep her safe. He would smuggle her out of the palace, and face the consequences himself, alone, if it meant she could be safe.
  • Yong Qi and Zi Weiís whole first meeting.
    • Yong Qi is very gracious to Zi Wei this entire meeting, even though he must have a lot of siblings already and one more wouldnít make a difference. Also, the fact that Zi Wei exists says nothing good of his father, especially when this affair that produced Zi Wei must have happened while Yong Qiís mother was pregnant with him. This doesnít really really makes a difference in the time period, but considering everything, Yong Qi never really had to be so nice to Zi Wei.
    • Also Yong Qi asks Zi Wei to consider Xiao Yan Ziís well being. Basically, he would rather Zi Wei never claim her rightful position, if it means that Xiao Yan Zi could be kept safe.
  • Yong Qi cannot order Er Tai to give up Xiao Yan Zi, even though he has every power to do so, but is willing to give her up himself to protect their friendship, even though clearly itís breaking his heart to say the words.
    • Doubly heartwarming when it turns out that Er Tai was just teasing Yong Qi, and has seen Yong Qiís love for Xiao Yan Zi long ago and has thus decided not to pursue Xiao Yan Zi to himself anymore, out of friendship for Yong Qi.
  • Even though he did throw them in jail, Qian Long was furious to hear that the Empress had ordered Zi Wei, Xiao Yan Zi and Jin Suo to be tortured without his knowledge.
    • When Zi Wei faints from the injuries of the torture, Qian Long rushes to her first, beating even Er Kang though Er Kang was much closer to her than he is. What makes it really heartwarming is that he then starts screaming for the physicians to save ďhis daughterĒ.
  • The scene afterwards when Zi Wei wakes up and Qian Long acknowledges her as his daughter is also beautiful, especially with everyone else around being so tearfully happy for Zi Wei as well.
     Original Series 2 
  • Xiao Yan Zi has just been slapped by Qian Long and is angry enough to storm off, determined to leave the palace forever. Yong Qi begs her to stay, if not for him, then at least for their friends. She then confesses lovingly that the one person she cannot bear to leave is him.
  • Watch this and tell me your heart didn't go ''"Awwwwwwwww!!"''
  • While they are on the run, Xiao Yan Zi attempts to stop a sword in its path with her bare hand to save Yong Qi when he was injured and could not react fast enough to an attack by the Empressís assassins.
  • The incident of the axe: Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi are fighting. Xiao Yan Zi takes an axe to go chop some firewood. Er Kang attempts to advise the couple to make up, but Xiao Yan Zi roughly shoves him away, hitting his unhealed wound. When she sees that Er Kang is hurt, she rushes to apologise to him, in the process dropping the axe on Yong Qiís feet. Hearing Yong Qiís cry of pain, she immediately forgets her anger at Yong Qi and Er Kang, rushes to checks on Yong Qi instead. He takes advantage of the moment to try to make up with her, but when she realises what he was doing, she pushes him away, picking up the axe again. In pushing him away, she really hit his unhealed wound on the wrist, making him cry out in pain again. This time, she hesitates to believe him, but then upon seeing the blood on the bandages, she runs to comfort him again, and in her haste, this time she drops the axe on herself. Doubles as Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Similarly, Xiao Yan Zi spends the majority of their runaway trip cuddling up to Xiao Jian and generally being oblivious to the reasons for Yong Qiís jealousy, even taking Xiao Jianís side many times. But in the moment when she thought Xiao Jian was going to kill Yong Qi and his life might be truly be in danger, she recklessly dives between Xiao Jianís sword and Yong Qi.
  • Zi Wei stays up listening to Xiao Yan Ziís mumbling nonsense about finally having a brother, even though itís clear that sheís dying to get to sleep. Now thatís sisterhood.
  • The entire hilarious scene of Xiao Yan Zi acting crazy the next day about having a brother is also heartwarming in itself.
  • Qian Long coming in person to Nanyang to convince his children to return home. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
  • Lao Fo Ye finally accepting Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi.
     Original Series 3 Ė Tian Shang Ren Jian 
  • Yong Qi telling Xiao Jian that if he wants to kill Qian Long, he would have to kill Yong Qi first.
    Yong Qi: Xiao Jian, you have a father, but donít I have a father too? ÖIf you want to kill Huang Ah Ma, you will have to kill me first. I owe Xiao Yan Zi too much already anyway.
    • Even more heartwarming because when it looks like Xiao Jian would really kill Yong Qi, Xiao Yan Zi, who has until now stood still and let her brother attempt to kill Qian Long, rushes in and pushes her brother away.
    Xiao Yan Zi: Brother! You canít kill Yong Qi! If you kill him, I will not be able to live! He is my life!
     2011 Remake