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Tear Jerker: Outlaw Star
  • The episode "Cats and Girls and Spaceships" from Outlaw Star, where Jim unknowingly kills the girl he had liked, and when she understandably fails to show up for their date afterward, he assumes she stood him up and never finds out the truth.
    • The girl has no idea she was fighting the boy she loved. And her last thought is she'll never be able to see Jim again.
    • Am I the only one who cried when Hilda died?
    • Am I the only one who cried when Harry died?
      • God, I bout bawled my eyes raw. It's not just that he dies. It's the way he says goodbye to Melfina.
    • Suffice to say, if their name starts with an H, you're going to cry when they die.
      • Okay, maybe not him...
  • When Gene tries to rescue Melfina, Hazanko tries to turn them against each other by twisting Gene's words and painting him as the greedy badguy. It's hard to tell who's reaction is worse, Gene's or Melfina's.
  • The very, very end of the series, with the the whole crew reunited and setting off for new adventures, always makes this troper teary eyed, both because it's such a good send off and embodies the spirit of Outlaw Star, and because we won't get to see those adventures. The ending caption seals it.
    The adventure never ends_
    We'll set off on a journey
    Sometime Somewhere
    To the stars again
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