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Trivia: Outlaw Star
  • Banned Episode: "Hot Springs Planet Tenrei" never saw the light of day on America's Toonami block due to its excessive nudity and sexually suggestive content. Not even [adult swim] aired it during the show's short run there (though they simply re-aired the Toonami edits rather than making their own version). Over in the UK, the cartoon channel CNX attempted to air the episode, but a lot of cuts had to be made to pass the censors. This edit was too short and too messy to watch, so it was shelved. While most anime episodes with excessive fanservice that get banned from television are filler, "Hot Springs Planet Tenrei" was different. This episode actually was vital to the overarching plotline. The DVDs and online are the only places you can see this episode as it was originally (both in Japanese and English).
  • Dub Induced Plothole: If you only watched the TV broadcast, you might be wondering where Gene got those rare Caster shells. For the answer, see above (and seek out the DVD).
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • In the English dub:
      • Aisha is Rogue.
      • Hilda is the Major and Julia (Spike's long-lost girlfriend who took him in after Vicious attacked him, as seen in "Ballad of Fallen Angels").
      • Jim Hawking is Taro and Kunikida.
      • Twilight Suzuka is Faye Valentine and Haruhi.
      • Jet decided to moonlight as the narrator in between bounty-hunting missions.
      • Ron MacDougal is (one of the many voices of) Jigen.
    • In the Japanese dub:
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Now Averted. Along with every other Bandai-licensed show, the rights to Outlaw Star fell into limbo when the company went belly-up in 2011. It took some time, but eventually this show, along with a few other Sunrise shows, found a new home at Funimation.
  • She Also Did: Chiaki Morosawa (the head writer of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny) wrote episode 9: "A Journey of Adventure! Huh?"

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