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Tear Jerker: Only Fools and Horses
  • "Diamonds Are For Heather", the first depiction of Del's pining for a family. After taking to a young mother (whose husband had abandoned her) and growing attached to her son, he proposes to her, only to be turned down, her husband having returned asking for a second chance. It would be a long while before Del finally got to be a family man.
  • The scene where Rodney breaks down in the elevator after Cassandra's miscarriage in "Time On Our Hands".
  • In "Little Problems", where Del is left alone after Rodney goes off to his honeymoon and new life.
  • The funeral for Grandad in "Strained Relations", and the part afterwards where Del puts his hand on Grandad's chair, now empty.
  • Rodney describing his feeling "cheated" every time he and Del remember their mother in "The Yellow Peril".
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