Tear Jerker / Invincible

  • Mark learns that his dad is an alien despot. He tries to fight his father, only to get beaten black and blue by his much stronger dad. While beating down his own son Omni-Man asks why he wants to save the Earth so badly when he'll end up outliving everyone he knows and asks what Mark would have left after 500 years. Mark, his body a mass of blood and bruises, responds:
    Invincible: You, dad. I'd still have you.
  • Rex Splode's funeral. Made NO easier by the conversation Atom Eve and Invincible have later. This, by the way, is AFTER Invincible has gone through a SERIOUSLY dark time in his life, including having evil doubles from all sorts of alternate universes slaughter thousands all over the world and fighting the absolutely insane Viltrumite Conquest, a fight during which he WATCHED ATOM EVE GET KILLED. It's one of the best played "dark ages" in superhero stories, and it is done in just a few issues.
  • Mark and Eve's argument before he travels to an Alternate Universe to find Angstrom Levy, and him finally losing his cool and yelling at Eve.
  • Mark's rape by Anissa.