Awesome / Invincible
Not pictured: BLOODSHED!

  • Mark's consecutive Badass Boasts to Conquest:
    (after Conquest makes his introduction): Maybe you do not understand. I have caused all the destruction you see around you. The lives lost here are a direct result of my actions. I can't describe the guilt, the shame... and most importantly the anger that I am feeling right now. All I have thought about- the only thing I've wanted since all of this has happened...was to hit something as hard as I can.
    (after Conquest "kills" Eve): I don't care how strong you are. I don't care how fast you are. I can see the don't live to see tomorrow.
  • There's a good reason Viltrumites don't use cybernetic parts: this. You're welcome.
  • Allen gets horribly wounded and hospitalized by a pair of Viltrumites. But it turns out that his powers work on the premise that whatever doesn't kill him makes him stronger... much stronger. The next Viltrumite to attack him received a very, very unpleasant surprise.
  • Angstrom Levy get a villainous one in Issue #60, Invincible War, attacking the planet with a small army of Alternate Universe Invincibles. Just about every superhero on the planet has to contribute in order to save the world from utter destruction.
  • Also from Invincible War, Rex Splode's Heroic Sacrifice. The only thing getting in the way of the badassery that is charging his own skeleton to explode when finally out of options is the fact that this long lasting (if unpopular in-universe) character is the fact that it happens so hastily and doesn't hold much impact due to the 'Event Comic In One Issue' nature of the book.
  • A somewhat minor one for the author Kirkman. After the Viltrumite War, Mark returns home to find that Eve has gained a significant bit of weight since he left. Mark clearly doesn't mind at all, and while she does seem to drop a few pounds, later on, the weight gain itself is not treated like a problem. Kudos to Kirkman for trying something so few comics would.
  • The series, in general, has made quite an impact at Image, with various spin-offs and a much brighter tone than the infamous '90s Anti-Hero days, while still keeping excellent storytelling and the frequent gruesome imagery.
  • The showdown between Thragg and Battle Beast (pictured above) goes on for DAYS, showing up as splash pages during unrelated issues while they continue fighting.
    • Something worth mentioning about that fight: they are fighting on the same planet Oliver was born. The people of that planet have a very brief lifespan: for them, they were fighting for generations!
    • The buildup to the fight was awesome in and of itself: Battle Beast lands on Thraxa knowing that the former Grand Regent of the Viltrumites is there, and when Thragg makes his appearance, BB's girlfriend unleashes a horde of Ragnars upon him...which BB then slaughters just so he can have Thragg all to himself! Battle Beast then slices his own stomach open to put himself on even footing with Thragg, followed by the two exchanging badass boasts before finally going at it.
    • Thragg's resolve to win is also worth mentioning. Failure is just NOT an option for this guy, especially when it concerns the survival of his race, which now includes the dozens of hybrid children he's already sired through the Thraxans.
    Battle Beast: I sense my victory drawing near!
    Thragg: NO! You fight for glory, while I fight for the very existence of my people, whom I have sworn to protect at all costs! I WILL NOT FALL!
    • The last time the two encountered one other, Thragg took Battle Beast down in one move. Here, the two are evenly matched throughout the entire fight, showcasing their sheer skill and brutality as they tear into each other for days on end.
    • After several days of beating the shit out of each other, their fight comes to a close when Thragg rips BB's heart out and crushes it in his hand while declaring "IT'S DONE"!
      • Look at how badly injured Thragg is during the above moment: his eye has been gouged out, his skull split open, his innards are showing thanks to a large gash he received from the Ragnars before the fight even started, one of his arms is mangled, his body is littered with numerous other lacerations, is bleeding profusely, and yet he still managed to overcome his foe. Strongest of the Viltrumites indeed.
    • And to top it all off, Thragg skinned Battle Beast's corpse and then used his hide to make a new robe that he now wears as a trophy.
  • The entirety of the final battle between Mark and Thragg can only be described as epic incarnate. It is a brutal, no-holds-barred, one-on-one fist fight to the death between the two of them while they're burning alive on the surface of the sun!
    • On two occasions, they both take a direct hit from a solar flare, but shrug them off and keep going at it regardless of how much that must have hurt them.
    • To even the odds, Mark tackles Thragg hard enough to send them both plunging head-first into the solar plasma. When they emerge, their skin is melting off and their telepathic transmitters are destroyed, leaving them no choice but to let their fists do the talking from that point onward.
    • After that, Mark's amazing "The Reason You Suck" Speech he delivers to Thragg (despite knowing that he can't hear his thoughts anymore) is just as epic, if not more so, that the actual fight. He describes in perfect detail how much Thragg sucks as both a leader and a Viltrumite for clinging to the old practices that brought their race to the brink of extinction, fighting for selfish and empty causes, and holding their species back from achieving their true potential. If Thragg could hear him, this speech would have burned more than the star they were fighting on did.
      • Mark then gains the upper hand when one of Robot's armors arrives and attaches itself to him mid-speech, granting him a few extra moments of protection from the searing heat whilst Thragg continues to burn. That's right; Mark is so awesome that even his enemy came to aid him against his toughest foe. Who's coming to help you, Thragg? NOBODY!
    • In the final moments of the fight, Thragg, having sustained far more damage than his opponent, breaks both of Mark's arms in a fit of rage and desperation. But Mark thinks quickly and then finally kills Thragg by ripping his throat out with his freaking teeth! After that, Mark is fully prepared to die as well, only for Allen to show up and carry him to safety, leaving Thragg's corpse behind to be consumed by the sun.
    • With Thragg now dead, the Viltrumites can finally move forward as a people and become a force for good in the galaxy under the leadership of Mark's family. Way to go, Mark!