Tear Jerker / Felidae

  • Given the nature of both the film and the books, how hard any potential Tear Jerker moment hits is highly subjective. One of the strongest is the story told to Francis by the lynx in the second book, and the sad fate he's resigned himself to.
  • Poor Felicity...in the book the owner is sitting there crying after seeing what happened.
  • Dear God....Bluebeard's murder. And to make it worse, it was his so-called friend Pascal that offed him.
    • Though in Bluebeard's favor, it's sort of implied he survived in the film.
  • "He lost his innocence...as humans have lost theirs."
  • Pascal/Claudandus's last words in the English version of the movie. "The horror, so much pain, darkness. Francis...so much...darkness. You look at me now and all you see, Francis,...is evil,...yet once I was...good." In the book: "So much darkness in the world....so much darkness, Francis. No light. Only darkness. And there is always someone who will take it upon himself. Always. Always. Always. I have become evil, but once I, too, was good...."