Tear Jerker / Count Cain

  • Cain's childhood is one big Tear Jerker, as is Jezebel's. Then there's the chapters about Marjorie and the Coffin-Maker. Marjorie is sending the man to kill the men who ruined her father's good name, driving him to suicide, and even though the Coffin Maker works for Delilah, he genuinely cares about Marjorie. (it's even implied, in a few pages, that they slept together.) The kicker comes when Cain and the Coffin Maker confront each other in the funeral home where Marjorie lives/works, and it catches fire. Marjorie wants to stay and die with the Coffin Maker, but he knocks her out and tells Cain to take her to her aunt's house. "It's been kept a secret, no one will find her!" As he dies in the fire, he thinks to himself that he will carry the building with him to Hell, and that "a sinner like me can have...at least one day of happiness." The tears get worse when there are Marjorie's screams of denial, and at the end of that arc, when Marjorie, now living with her aunt, receives a letter that the Coffin Maker had written and mailed to her before his death, knowing he would die soon. He tells her that she is loved, and signs it "Yours Eternally, Grifford." Marjorie, who had always asked him his name and never gotten it, breaks down into tears, as do we.
  • And don't forget that Cain, who had sworn off crying after he killed his father, is seen crying once again after Riff's crazy Face–Heel Turn. It is really not a good idea to read this in public, it is so heartbreaking.
  • Hell, every single arc contains a Tear Jerker of some sort, not counting the sweet ones between Cain and Riff.
  • Emelyne's death halfway through the Jack The Ripper story. Especially as you learn that she was in love with Cain for years, but can't get herself to tell him and how she was shamed throughout her childhood by her parents and her older brother.
  • Emile's suicide in the Butterfly Bones story arc.
  • Mikaila's death at the end of Misericorde. No wonder her character was based in The Little Mermaid.