Tear Jerker / CSI: Miami

  • A notable one in "You May Now Kill the Bride", when the victim's husband blames himself for his new wife's death. It becomes very clear through the conversation that Horatio is reliving Marisol's death, and just how deep that particular emotional wound goes.
    Horatio: So you believe you're responsible for your wife's death.
    Husband: You ever see someone you love die, Lieutenant?
    Horatio: As a matter of fact I have, Mister Turner.
    Husband: Right in front of your eyes?
    Horatio: ...Yeah.
    Husband: When will I get this image out of my mind?
    Horatio: You won't.
  • Eugene, the mentally disabled man who was beaten to death because he witnessed a murder, and the guy who did it tells Horatio that he did the guy a favour by killing him. Horatio tells the guy that Eugene's DNA was found on his clothes and as a result he will be going to jail for life. He then takes Eugene's body and places his badge on it, saying that he knows Eugene's father would have been proud of him, and that Horatio is grateful to him and proud.
  • The final scene of "Bang Bang Your Debt". Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    Delko: You ever see him, H?' (referring to Speedle)
    Horatio: Everyday. Everyday.
  • The entire Premise of "Gone Baby Gone" is about a family who's infant daughter was kidnapped by a duo of child snatchers while the mother was out for a walk. Now, imagine you are a mother and suddenly two people suddenly accuse you of kidnappign their child, even if it's your own. Then having someone hold YOU back while thye kidnap her and you are powerless to stop them. THAT is terrfying and having to see a mother break down into tears over the whole thing and being desperate throughout is kinda hard to watch.