Tear Jerker / Boyz n the Hood

  • Ricky's senseless death scene.
    • Compounded and made doubly tragic when his SAT test scores are revealed. He passed.
    • Fridge Horror: Made even worse once you realize Ricky's son will grow up without a father to guide him. And the cycle continues...
  • Doughboy's drunken breakdown in despair over Ricky's death and society's apathy toward the plight of the 'hood.
    • His fade-out and the title card: "He was murdered two weeks later."
  • "You're my only son and I'm not gonna lose you to no bullshit, you hear?" Best. Dad. Ever.
    Furious: Give me the motherfucking gun, Tre!
    • Laurence Fishburne himself said that overnight, the role made him "father to a generation of fatherless children."
  • The targets of Doughboy's revenge for Ricky's murder. Made especially heartwrenching when two of them are shot as they crawl away, in agony, one pleading that he didn't kill Ricky before being shot.
  • The film score qualifies as heartrending in and of itself.
  • The opening title cards: "One out of every twenty-one Black American males will be murdered in their lifetime", followed by "Most will die at the hands of another Black male." All this is played over the intense sounds of arguing, gunshots, children screaming, and one child crying, "They shot my brother!" Cue the opening shot of a STOP sign. Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped, indeed.
  • Tre visibly fearing for his life at the hands of a police officer. His subsequent emotional outburst in front of his girlfriend will definitely get the waterworks going.
  • Doughboy's mother's treatment of him from him and Ricky getting into a fight to after Ricky's murder for the death.
    • Worse is Doughboy telling Tre his mother wants nothing to do with him anymore after Ricky's death. Fridge Horror sets in when you remember she (inadvertently) lead him down that path of destruction and later on would lose him as well.
  • Ricky's death was probably all the more worse for Doughboy when you consider the very last interaction the two brothers shared was an acrimonious brawl.