Heartwarming / Boyz n the Hood

  • Just all of the fatherly-son moments between Tre and Furious.
  • The night after he and his friends kill the guys who murdered Ricky, Doughboy tells Tre he understands why he didn't come along to help. He doesn't call him a coward or "not a real man". Doughboy acknowledges that Tre's decision was the correct one to make.
    • And Tre's words to Doughboy at the end:
    Tre: You still got one brother left, man.
  • Brandy comforting Tre after he was threatend by Officer Coffrey.
  • A young Doughboy tries to get his brother's ball back from an older, stronger guy.
  • A young Tre and Brandy exchanging romantic glances at each other.