Tear Jerker / Boards of Canada

This electronic music duo from Scotland manage to make highly emotional, moving music without even using any lyrics at all. A lot of it leaves the impression of a faint memory one can't quite get a hold of, making it very melancholic.

  • Some people can get lumps in their throats upon he hearing "Amo Bishop Roden", for one.
  • The song "In the Annexe" has a warm feeling that makes some people emotional.
  • There is also "Dayvan Cowboy."
  • Something about "Melissa Juice" is so damn mournful.
  • "Seven Forty Seven" has a particular wistful feel in the ethereally light starting drone as well as the succinct singular piano chord that ends the piece.
  • They focus on different aspects of this with each album
    • Music Has the Right to Children is based on nostalgia for childhood.
    • The Campfire Headphase leans more toward Tears of Joy.
      • Farewell Fire, in particular, is heart-wrenching. It sounds as if you're wearily walking home with a long road ahead.
      • "'Farewell Fire' is Marcus is on keyboards, nothing more. He did it in a night session. There are moments where it stutters and it really feels like someone no longer able to play well out of sadness. That is why you should never program music. Even if it is an electronic piece, it sounds very human, heartbreaking."
        —Mike Sandison
    • And Geogaddi as a whole accomplishes the impressive feat of being both longingly, heartrendingly nostalgic and fucking terrifying, especially "1969."
    • Tomorrow's Harvest focuses on the sadness, anger and despair associated with destruction and the impermanence of all things. The duo have hinted that it is about an "inevitable stage that awaits all of us," i.e. death — of people, of ideas, of civilizations, of the entire planet.
  • The calm melancholy of "Over the Horizon Radar" from Geogaddi, especially after coming off from the Nightmare Fuel that was the previous two tracks ("The Devil is in the Details" and "A is to B as B is to C"), can really tug on one's heartstrings.
    • "Corsair", though maybe a bit creepier, has a similar effect.
  • "Pete Standing Alone" and "Smokes Quantity" both have a lonely feel to them.
  • Old Tunes Vol. 2 has "Mukinabaht", a very desolate and hopeless track which feels like running through an endless hallway while holding back tears.