Tear Jerker: Boards of Canada

This electronic music duo from Scotland manage to make highly emotional, moving music without even using any lyrics at all. A lot of it leaves the impression of a faint memory one can't quite get a hold of, making it very melancholic.

  • Some people can get lumps in their throats upon he hearing "Amo Bishop Roden", for one.
  • The song "In the Annexe" has a warm feeling that makes some people emotional.
  • There is also "Dayvan Cowboy."
  • Something about "Melissa Juice" is so damn mournful.
  • They focus on different aspects of this with each album
    • Music Has the Right to Children is based on nostalgia for childhood.
    • The Campfire Headphase leans more toward Tears of Joy.
      • Farewell Fire, in particular, is heart-wrenching. It sounds as if you're wearily walking home with a long road ahead.
    • And Geogaddi as a whole accomplishes the impressive feat of being both longingly, heartrendingly nostalgic and fucking terrifying, especially "1969."