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Nightmare Fuel: Boards of Canada
  • The entirety of Geogaddi is deeply unsettling, with deceptively sunny keyboads filtered through tape recorders that make them sound broken and distorted. Particularly creepy tracks include:
    • Right out of the box with "Ready Let's Go", which is little more than an oscillating drone.
    • "Music is Math," the second track and the first full song on the album, sets the tone. The lyrics are hard to make out (as they're being sung in a near-incomprehensible, tribal wail filtered through a vocoder) but consensus seems to be that they are: "all falls down... all falls down... down..."
    • "You Could Feel The Sky."
    • "1969." It's about Branch Davidian cult, which maintained a Stepford Smiler facade while their leader sexually abused children.
    • "A is to B as B is to C" , with its strange, garbled loops and samples. Towards the end of the track, an ominous backmasked chorus chants something that sounds astonishingly like "O Geogaddi! O Geogaddi!"
    • "The Devil is in the Details," which is about hypnosis.
    • "Alpha and Omega", which gradually becomes more and more frantic and incomprehensible, and three-fourths into the song a loud and unexpected "YELLOW!" is spoken.

  • "Beware the Friendly Stranger". The more you look into the song, the worse it gets.
  • The cover of Music Has the Right to Children anyone? The Faceless...
    • The inside of the album has each of their faces magnified. Ugh.
  • In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country. The whole EP has an unsettling atmosphere, especially "Amo Bishop Roden" and the title track.
  • Tomorrow's Harvest. An apocalyptic dread is present through the whole album, from the opening bleakness of "Gemini" to the Downer Ending of "Semena Mertvykh".
  • Their remix (under the "Hell Interface" alias) of Colonel Abrams' "Trapped" turns an upbeat pop song into a horrifying song about love gone wrong.
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