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Tear Jerker: Bowling for Soup
  • "Goodbye Friend.
    Goodbye friend, I hope you found the answers you were looking for.
    Goodbye friend, I don't think that you ever knew,
    That there was someone here,
    There is someone here, who misses you.
    Selfishly, I'm mad at you
    For making me feel like this.
    I wish I could talk to you
    Like I used to
    And sometimes I feel like I hate you for doing
    This to the people that love you so.
    They look at me, like I'm supposed to know.
  • "Almost", while being hilarious, somehow manages to also be pretty dang sad.
    I know we had our problems, / I can't remember one...
  • "If You Come Back to Me"
    All alone, like summer when it snows. / So out of place, so out of those fake smiles. / I used to do so well.
  • "Graduation Trip" is as sad as it is sweet.
    I hear you're doing amazing, and
    believe me, that makes me smile.
    But I hope you think of me
    every once and awhile.
  • As awesome and funny as it is, 99 Biker Friends gets pretty touching when Jaret slows down and sadly states how the victim had such a pretty face, only for her to be forced to cover it up because of all the bruises.
  • "Turbulence"
  • Just really listen to the lyrics of "1985".
    • It gets worse when you actually listen to the lyrics of the original version by SR-71
    She's seen all the classics
    at least a hundred times
    She rocks out to Wham!
    Not a big Limp Bizkit fan
    Never knew George was gay
    Where's her fairy tale, where's her dream?
    Where's the quarterback
    From her high school football team?
    Where's her fairy tale, where's her dream?
    How many times will she ask herself
    What happened to me?
    ask herself what happened...
  • "Circle":
    I quit, I give up
    Nothing's good enough for anybody else
    It seems and...
    I quit, I give up
    Nothing's good enough for anybody else
    It seems and...
    Being alone is the, is the best way to be
    When Iím by myself itís the best way to be
    When Iím all alone itís the best way to be
    When Iím by myself, nobody else can say goodbye
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