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Tear Jerker: Axe Cop
  • Ask Axe Cop #15. The composition of the last panel is one of the most poignant.
  • Ask Axe Cop #52. The sheer amount of effort Sockarang puts into making love possible for him is just inspiring.
  • The epilogue in issue 3 of Bad Guy Earth.
  • The destruction of the nameless alien race, which included Sam and Max's foster parents. (Episode 153)
  • In the animated series, after killing Bad Santa, Axe Cop mentions how the day his parents died was both the best and worst day of his life. "Actually, I wasn't happy or sad... I was medium. And medium is the happiest I'll ever be." He then walks away, shouldering his ax. Surprisingly deep for a character like Axe Cop.
    • Becomes even deeper with Ethan mentioning that it wasn't added by the show's crew; Malachai wrote that scene for for an unfinished Ask Axe Cop comic. It says a lot about how Malachai is maturing.
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