Tabletop Game: Golden Sky Stories


Heart-Warming Role-Playing

Golden Sky Stories is a heartwarming, non-violent Tabletop RPG from Ryo Kamiya and Tsugihagi Honpo. It is translated by Ewen Cluney. If this does not ring a bell, Ryo Kamiya is the one who brought us much weirdness in the form of Maid RPG and Nechronica.

While Golden Sky Stories has it's own share of strangeness, compared to the above works, it is much more tame in comparison. (In fact, it is recommended from 10 years and up.)

The players take on the roles of henge (pronounce: hen-gay), magical animals who live in a small town, helping the local residents solve their everyday problems. There is no over-arching quest to save the world and usually no fighting or anything that could be traditionally called a villain.

That does not mean that the stories would get boring. On the contrary, the honesty of the small everyday occurrences will touch your heart and reinvigorate your spirit.

It is pretty much Iyashikei in RPG form.

The English website can be found here.

Provides examples of:

  • Actual Pacifist: Almost all henge, as encouraged by the system: any violence will result in a reduction of relation with the town they are in regardless of reasons. Everyone in the default setting are these as well.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: the goal of the players is to achieve this. invoked
  • Cute Witch: Rules for playing one of these, or variations upon the concept are introduced in 'The Colors of the Sky'. It directly mentions that in a lot of ways they're actually more like the mononoke introduced in a later supplement, but the rules treat them as a special type of henge so you can use them with just the corebook.
  • Iyashikei in RPG form.
  • Slice of Life
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: The henge can take multiple forms from the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism, including:
    • Talking Animal: The henges true form.
    • Little Bit Beastly: The henge can opt to retain some of their animal features for a less costly transformation.
    • Human: The henge can spend Wonder to take on a human form.
  • Warm And Fuzzy Feeling the game.
  • Youkai: The player characters are all various kinds of henge, although from the more benign variety.