Stuff Blowing Up: Web Animation

  • In the Garry's Mod "action film" Billy Mays Vs. Vince, Vince's favorite way of taunting Billy is blowing his stuff up. Mighty Putty? Blows up a wall. The Ding King? Blows up a car door. Orange Clean? Blows up a dresser. Kaboom!? Drops a lamp on Billy's head. Then blows Billy up.
  • You CAN'T sing in the Charlie the Unicorn toons. Kinda lampshaded in the second video.
  • Nearly every scene in the aptly named Flash cartoon The Demented Cartoon Movie ends with Stuff Blowing Up. The planet Earth gets blown up a total of ten times, and over 40 "nuclear explosions" happen, many of them thanks to the words "Zeeky Boogy Doog." * BOOM*
  • G Mod videos tend to involve lots of explosions, simply because they're so ridiculously easy to set up and film. A good example is RubberFruit's videos, which typically feature some perfectly comedy-timed explosions. This is probably the finest example there is (0:50 onwards).
  • The Strong Bad Email "hremail3184" from Homestar Runner. During the email, Strong Bad talks about all different kinds of explosions, such as "those ones with the blast-wavy Saturn-rings that are so popular lately." The email ends with Strong Bad blowing up his own computer.
  • "Curse you, random explosions!"
  • Parodied in the Red vs. Blue Season 3 DVD in which the intro features nothing but explosions from the first three seasons, then cutting to Grif who's excited about how cool it is.
    • Reconstruction plays this fairly straight. One particular sequence is where Agent Washington disposes of Agent South's body by piling a bunch of exploding crates next to it and shooting at them.
  • This seems to be Simon's leitmotif for a good portion of the Yogscast minecraft series; particularly in adventure maps, even if he doesn't produce TNT on his own something always seems to blow up eventually. On one occasion, what blew up was the entire map they were playing through over the course of fifteen seconds of continuous explosions