Sliding Scale / Furry Fandom

The Furry-O-Meter:
  • 4 - One Of "Those" Furries. Includes those who get a little too in touch with their animal side (Otherkin/Lifestylers) or who bring all kinds of fetishes into the mix. Can get rather Squicky, and are often subject to ridicule or outright disgust, even by other furries.
  • 3 - Regular Furry Fan. Roleplays, has a fursona, collects art and stories, attends cons, haunts the websites, and is generally, passionate about the furry world. May or may not have an anthropomorphism fetish, but otherwise "normal."
  • 2 - Honorary Furry Fan. Feels comfortable around them and appreciates their works, but is not very active in the community (no cosplaying, congoing, etc.)
  • 1 - The Tangentially Related Artist. Has a non-fandom rationale behind featuring anthro characters in their works (Furries Are Easier to Draw, after all) but may still appreciate their attention, even if they think them rather odd.
  • 0 - The Neutral. Unsure of their relationship to the Fandom, or just indifferent.
  • -1 - The "Mundane". Definitely not a furry, but doesn't tend to mind them, except for those approaching type 4.
  • -2 - The Mildly Squicked. A little uncomfortable around furries, and may ask them to keep to themselves. Still capable of civility.
  • -3 - Regular Anti-Furry. Generally has a NIMBY attitude towards furries and wants them off their forums/chatrooms/other regular haunts so they don't have to deal with them.
  • -4 - One Of "Those" Anti-Furries. Committed Blind Basher incapable of being reasoned with. Unlike the previous category, the mere existence of furries seems to enrage them, causing them to actively seek furries out and harass them, or otherwise post malicious comments about them at every opportunity. To them, all furries are type 4, and therefore must die.