Quotes / Furry Fandom

Well, Freud said that the only unusual sexual behavior was not to have any at all. After that, it was only a matter of opportunity and preference. Some people obviously prefer the feel of fur to the texture of human skin.
Grissom, CSI

You'd be surprised how many fetishes there are involving Sam and me.
Max, Sam & Max: The Penal Zone

They dress up like animals and then don't have sex with one another? That is so twisted.
Montana Diaz Herrera, Back To You

Real fur is frowned upon at all furry conventions, in the same sense that leaping in front of speeding locomotives is frowned upon at comic book conventions.
Anthrocon CEO Uncle Kage, in response to PETA

One thing most furries agree on is this: They aren't sex freaks.
Melissa Meinzer, "Animal Passions"

I loved The Lion King when I was younger and I had a weird obsession with Nala. Look at her face, she’s so sweet, and she can sing really well!
Eddie Redmayne

She's the kind of chick that turns heads, like Jessica Rabbit or that anthropomorphic fox on the Animaniacs. You rubbed one out to her, admit it!
Noah Antwiler on Tomie: Rebirth

That ducknote  is smart. And apparently on the internet, that duck is very sexy to some people. That's OK. I ain't gonna judge anybody, 'cause... you'll do you, and I'll do me. And we won't do each other—probably.

"I'm here for the porn."
"I'm here for the porn too."
"I'm here to sell these guys porn."
— Last 3 panels (of 16) of the "average furry convention" web-poster

Some people tell me, 'You only go to these conventions to have sex!', to which I reply, 'Go over there. Do ANY of those people look like they've EVER had sex?!'
Uncle Kage, at Furry Weekend Atlanta '10

I'm a Furry; of course I'm obsessed with sex. I never get any.

What are we fans of? Really, we're fans of each other.
2 the Ranting Gryphon, Furry Weekend Atlanta '10

(referring to Chewbacca's family)
Alright, terrifying thought, but I'm charging ahead with it. If you're a furry, are you turned on?
Mike Nelson on the Rifftrax for The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Contrary to normie belief, the brony fandom was one of the most significant ones in the development of Web culture, creating a community which sent the clear message that it's okay for grown-ass men to like cartoons, which always had that stigma of being a children's medium even more than anime did. It was an Internet revolution, bringing with it a culture of artists and musicians that dominated the web, not like a cancer, but like a mutation, changing all that it touched to be a little bit lighter and softer. If anything, I would credit them for making furries popular in the eyes of people who wouldn't otherwise consider it - it's only a small jump from horse fan to furry fuck (source: former horse fan, now furry fuck).