Shout Out: The World Ends with You

The following are Shout Outs from the Nintendo DS Video Game The World Ends with You

  • A few pins in the Japanese version of the game are shout-outs to the big four gaming magazines in Japan (they were changed to stereotypical Japanese things in the international version).
  • What should show up while reading minds but "Ouendaaaan!"? And the corresponding item (the Head Honcho outfit) has the characters for "ai rabu yuu".
  • The pins Lefty Cat, Brainy Cat, and Righty Cat make a trifecta of power, courage, and wisdom.
  • In "Another Day", Higashizawa uses the phrase "Dilly dally, shilly shally" to lure contestants into Molco. This is widely known as the exceedingly confusing phrase blurted out by Tifa to Cloud in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in an attempt to make him put his past behind him about being powerless to stop Aerith's death. Neku, rightly, is confused.
    • That would be in the English version only. The term used was "motto motto", which is like a motivational way to say "don't give up", "never give up", etc.
    • And on the subject of Final Fantasy VII, there's a food item called Mako Synergy.
    • For Final Fantasy in general, there are pins named Bahamut, Ifrit, and Shiva.
    • One of the Swag items makes a shout-out to the original Final Fantasy, with Matoya's spell.
    • Beat says "Booyaka!", a form of Totally Radical invented by Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII that failed to take off in that game, despite her best efforts.
  • Apart from a few minor differences, Kitaniji's time-stopping ability looks suspiciously like Dio's "The World/Za Warudo".
  • "The proof is in the pudding...the pudding of their DOOM!" A possible Shout Out to a certain engrish-speaking villain?
  • "The 'I see dead people' kind of sees things?"
  • Strangely enough, The Wizard of Oz. The Game Masters and Kitaniji have the four cardinal directions in their names, and Neku and Beat both call Konishi a "witch" on a few occasions. The "nishi" in Konishi means "West"; as in the Wicked Witch of the West?
  • Darkstalkers. Uzuki's battle sprite has her holding her arms in a manner identical Morrigan's signature fighting stance, and her and Kariya's Fusion resembles Morrigan's usual Level 3 Super with Lilith.
  • There are several elements of the plot that seem to bear some similarities to Neon Genesis Evangelion, but it may be unintentional.
  • Marble Sentai Slashman is a phenomenon in the world of WEWY. Several NPCs are talking about it, and you can buy Slashman costumes in Another Day.
  • Rhyme's shoes look oddly familiar.
  • Red's "It's all about manly spirits slamming into each other!!" is a direct quote from a certain man named Kamina.
  • Shibuya's got a fever, and the only prescription is more Tin Pin!
  • The main character is an auburn haired Japanese youth with an interest in graffiti, and wears headphones all of the time in the district of Shibuya. Funny considering that another character is named Beat that enjoys skateboarding, wasn't there a game that also had a theme about Shibuya and modern day youth culture with catchy tunes?
  • The shopkeeper of Molco's Tigre Punks is a punk-rocker named Nana. There's also the R-inscribed padlock necklace sold there.
  • In the US version, the Wild Boar shop has equipment called "Sabotage" and "3 M Cs 1 DJ", both of which are references to Beastie Boys songs of the same or similar names.
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