Funny / The World Ends with You

  • The following lines make perfect sense in context.
    • "Dude. She's making fun of you."
    • "NOW! PANTS OFF!"
    • "The proof is in the pudding. The pudding...of their doom."
    • "Come get some hot stuff! Ooh! Hot! Hot stuff! Come get some!" "... I'll take one."
    • "F this! F it to the high heavens!"
    • "I am not a.. A spicy tuna roll!"
    • "Behold the private dick extraordinaire."
  • Neku's response to Shiki asking if he knows Beat.
    Neku: Don't insult me.
  • For anyone who has taken a geometry class, hearing Sho Minamimoto smoothly saying "SOH CAH TOA!" is the funniest. Damn. Thing. Ever.
  • Shiki is talking about how one's clothing choices reflects their personality. Neku shoots back with, "I wish I had more zippers... so I could tell you to zip it!" As a pun, it's rather mediocre. However, when one remembers that Tetsuya Nomura, TWEWY's character designer, is rather infamous for giving his characters zipper-laden costumes...
  • Some of the minds you read are pretty funny, particularly a skater lamenting screwing up a move, and consoling himself that he "only needs one" to have kids.
  • Uzuki challenges Neku and Beat to a game of "Reaper Sport 4", but Beat doesn't know what it is, and they just kind of wander around until Uzuki gets frustrated and demands to know why they aren't playing tag seriously (Beat: "So, Reaper Sport 4 is..." Uzuki: "It's TAG, you dolt!"). Then while she's in the midst of her rant, Neku just quietly walks up to her and: "Tag. You're it."
  • "Take this!" "Dumbass!" "Come back when you grow a pair." The latter sounds even funnier if Beat says it after defeating Tigris Cantus.
    • "It's a party in my mouth!"
  • Not to mention the Tin-Pin Slammer sidequest in 'Another Day', complete with Neku's 'emo urges', and Sho Minamimoto being the son of Ken Doi, the Ramen Shop owner!
    Neku: Must... resist... emo... urges....!
    • Speaking of the Ramen Shop owner:
    Neku: I'm looking for Dr. Pin.
    Ken Doi: [Glowing Eyes of Doom] ...What? Who told you that name?
    • One of the most amusing bits of Another Day:
    Ken Doi: I'm sure you will, young man. Their hideout is in Miyashita Park.
    Neku: .....
    Neku: .....
    Neku: .....
    Neku: (How do you hide out in a park?)
    • Everything out of Shuto's mouth in regards to the "Crayon Warriors" thing.
    • "Shut up and walk, dear. ♥"
      • "If anything happens, I want to be there to wa- I mean, stop it." Who knew Shiki was a Yaoi Fangirl?
    • "This kid is the Roy G. Biv of Tin Pin strategy! When he sees a hole, he knows how to fill it!"
    • Joshua's numerous instances of breaking of the fourth wall. "What? I'm up against an unnamed character?! What a waste..."
    • "I should be pink, because pink is the color of love and a humanitarian like me loves people!" Says Joshua of all people, with a completely straight face.
    • Neku finding out about Dr. Pin after all of the pins were stolen -
    Shuto: Meet us at the ramen shop in Dogenzaka!
    Neku: We're getting ramen?
    Shuto: That's our secret base!
    Neku: You have a secret ramen base?
    Shuto: Go tell Doc there what happened!
    Neku: There's a ramen doctor at your secret ramen base?
    • "Dibs on the Rainbow!"
    • Let's face it, all of Another Day is a Crowning Day Of Funny.
  • Beat is a Crowning Moment of Funny factory. A favorite:
    Beat: You's the idiots, yo. I ain't treading on thin ice!
    Uzuki: What?
    Beat: Shibuya ain't cold enough for ice, stupid!
    Uzuki: .....
    Kariya: .....
    Neku: .....
    • * snerk* Beat Panel...
  • The solving of the enigma of What Happened To Def Märch's Mic.
    • "This mic is zetta sexy!"
    • And in that segment, they remark that there are freaky sounds in the megaphone someone left behind. They play it, and it's of Sho Minamimoto shouting "Sine! Cosine! TANGENT!"
    • Neku referring to the whole thing as "the detour from hell."
  • Joshua Day 6, there are three scripted fights with Taboo Noise between the Scramble and Udagawa, all of which are Neku trying to help someone. The first is a Support Reaper, who Neku can try to help out of altruism. The second is Sota, who Neku tries to help out of compassion. The third is Kariya and Uzuki... and Neku does not have such a nice reason if he tries to help.
    Neku: Let's do it. They'll hate it.
    Joshua: (grinning) You're so vindictive.
  • Do you think partner gameplay is confusing? Well, so does Beat. He only knows his own fighting style by a mnemonic Rhyme told him back in the first half of Week 1, describing it "like poker" at the mandatory Reaper wall between the scramble crossing and 104.
    Beat (DS version): Two cards on the ground, pick one up in the air... Lay on the skull, and kablam, I'm there!
    Beat (Solo Remix): Toss out the bad cards and slide in the good... Chain 'em together, and clean up the hood!
    Neku: That's... confusing.
    Beat: Well... un-fuse it! I can't figure it out, so you gotta!
  • The more you buy from stores, the more the store owners like you. Every store owner, from Ken Doi to Mr. H, become increasingly friendly towards you, as they appreciate Neku's continued patronage. Every store owner, that is, except Mick, the recurring NPC who runs Shadow Ramen in Dogenzaka. When you purchase enough Shadow Steak Ramen, you'll discover that Mick is absolutely petrified of the prospect of Neku having a crush on him. Enter the shop and leave without buying anything, and you'll see.
    • Better yet. Although all the store owners are genuinely pleased for buying too much of their products on sale, they put up happy looks and are very excited to see Neku entering. Makoto's look is the opposite of that, which is this: (O_O).
  • The little conversation that takes place when Kitaniji first introduces Higashizawa to the rest of the Reapers.
    Minamimoto: Hey, Megs— Who’s the bulldozer?
    Kitaniji: Meet Higashizawa— this session’s Game Master. He’ll be handling my affairs in my stead.
    Higashizawa: You do me a great honor, sir. Watch! I will turn this week’s fracas into a fricassee!
    Minamimoto: You planning to erase them, or EAT them?
  • After Joshua's rant about Shibuya and how they're walking through a place of history and literature Neku's deadpan response of "I feel so epic." was rather hilarious.
  • The fact that Sho Minamimoto's HP is 3141. Even better: his HP in taboo form is 5926. In case you didn't get it, they're the digits of pi.
  • The NPCs' thoughts are occasionally amusing, but this one takes the cake.
    Uhh, I'm not good with crowds...
    Crowds bring out those symbols–the weebers!
    I can see them everywhere!
    There! Clinging to that guy's back–WEEBERS! Weebie weebie weebie...
    • There's also this.
    I thought I saw someone with wings the other day...

    No more caffeine.
    • Another goes something like "HEY, YOU. Yeah, you. Stop reading my mind."
    • A bit of a variation; a few NPCs can think something along the lines of "What are you doing reading my mind? If you think you can mind control me, you've got another thing coming!" It was probably foreshadowing, but it's highly amusing to see the same sprite a few chapters later thinking decidedly differently.
  • When Kariya catches Joshua using his innate power, he criticizes him for a bit before letting him off with a warning.
    So let's just say I blinked. Not next time, though. You'll be erased before you know it.
    ...By Uzuki. Later!
  • Some of your partner's reactions when you run away from a fight:
    Joshua: Oh, we're running? You didn't seem the type.
    Neku: ......
    Joshua: Well, I suppose it's inevitable...sometimes. Hee hee...
    Neku: I suppose you're an ass. All the time.
    • Worst is when you do it too many times in a row and Josh... says... nothing. That creeps Neku out more than anything else in the entire game.
      • What was quoted above is what happens after you run away just once or twice. When Joshua's starting to get annoyed, he starts grinding Neku's nerves a little bit more. When Neku complains about that, Joshua swears not to say another word on the matter...hence his silence when he's really annoyed. He's being even more of a Jerk Ass than he usually is.
    • His annoyance at showing 777 the wrong phone-past-photo is at least worth a smile, too.
  • This gem from around the middle of Joshua's week: "Har har, you're killing me, Josh. Oh wait..."
  • Uzuki's continued annoyance at not being able to do anything in Week Two. The Tin Pin match is particularly memorable.
    • Later, the "tag game" with her in Week Three. Uzuki's Hair-Trigger Temper is always a reliable source of humor.
      • "New mission! Defeat the pissed off reaper!"
  • Kariya gets Beat's pin of Rhyme and promises to hand it over if the Players do as he says.
    Neku: Swear it?
    Kariya: On my life. Wait, that doesn't work.
  • Neku answering his phone at some point. "Hello. Dead kid speaking."
  • Neku and Beat are together, and Beat's idiocy starts getting on Neku's nerves.
    Neku: "Must... trust... partner..."
  • You can use the Rhyme pin on Reaper Beat. How's that for Video Game Cruelty Potential? Impractical, yes, but still funny.
  • Neku and Joshua playing Tin Pin Slammer in the beginning of the fourth day, what really kicks is Neku doing a pose very similar to Joshua after he won and keep in mind that's the only time he used that pose. 2nd one on the bottom.
  • If you scan the NPCs' thoughts, the one labelled "Clones?" will earn you the following message:
    So then, CAT's this group of twenty different creators... all with the same face?
    Makes sense... I think?
    Is that even possible?
    • Funny enough on its own, but when you play Another Day and get the Secret Reports, you find out that this is in fact entirely possible, because Hanekoma, being an Angel, is able to visit alternate universe versions of himself - who's to say he never had 19 other selves help him out for a bit?
  • It is kind of an Accidental Pun (only because we know Beat), but Beat calls Kariya "Lollipop" and keeps bringing up "Licking" (fighting) Kariya.
  • En route through the Shibuya River, Neku and Beat find Shiki in the Trail of the Bygone. Neku admits that Shiki was his entry fee... and everyone reacts at the realization that Shiki is what Neku values most.
  • Using a certain fusion attack leads to this short yet sweet exchange:
    Joshua: Follow my lead.
    Neku: Screw that!
  • Another fusion attack involves Mr. Mew growing giant and shooting eye lasers.
  • One of Joshua's tutorials has this little gem:
    Joshua is a prickly partner for a laundry list of reasons.
    • In the Solo Remix, the line is instead:
      Annoyingly enough, Joshua is nothing like your previous partner.
  • After defeating the final boss and then loading your game again, you get this:
    You can access the Chapter Selection Menu via the Home Menu. That's the only way out of this room. Got it? Good. Tutorial box out.
  • On a meta level, some of the fan abridged series are pretty hilarious: