Shout Out / Resident Evil 5

  • The first chapters of the game are a deliberate homage to Black Hawk Down, by the director's admission. They saw that movie and thought they could make a pretty good horror game out of it.
  • Barry Burton's lines in The Mercenaries: Reunion are his old narmful lines from the original campy Resident Evil, as well as having "HERE'S Barry!" (to address RE1 Jill's question of his whereabouts) and a melee attack called... Barry Sandwich.
  • Wesker throws his shades at Chris before delivering a powerful series of attacks. This is a shot-for-shot recreation of an identical scene from the Mark Dacascos film Drive, as seen here.
  • Jill resembling Fiona Belli from Haunting Ground.
  • Chris' "Warrior" costume is a homage to Mad Max. Complete with sawed-off shotgun!