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Awesome: Resident Evil 5
  • Chris Redfield vs A Giant Boulder.
    • CMOF and Narm also should be counted toward it. He punches a freaking boulder and somehow doesn't break his hand. You wanna know how he does it? Do ya?? Because he's the motherfucking Chris Redfield, that's how. He speaks the boulder's language.
    • To make the scene somewhat more credible, the boulder (nevermind how it actualy got there) is in a volcano, so it's presumably made of pumice, which is much lighter than normal stone.
  • Chris and Sheva confront Wesker in the bomber bay, only to have Wesker smile and flick off his sunglasses right at Chris. Then, he proceeds to calmly and effortlessly beat the crap out of both Chris and Sheva, before snatching his sunglasses out of Chris' fingers and casually putting them back on his nose. At that moment, you really get it: you cannot beat Wesker in a fair fight, period.
    • In a later confrontation with Wesker, a comment by Chris becomes a minor Moment of Awesome: "I've had enough of your BULLSHIT!"
      • Minor? That was one of the best delivered Shut Up, Hannibal! lines I've ever heard! In one simple line, Chris says what we have all wanted to say to Wesker for the last 15 years.
  • Allow me to just add Sheva here. Wesker has Uroboros. She has a knife. Which she uses to stab him with seventeen times in the heart. Sheva Alomar stabs the Big Bad of the series seventeen fucking times in the heart.
    • Also a non-fatal Heroic Sacrifice for Chris when he tells her to [attack] through him. And in that sequence, yes. Chris DOES take damage.
    Chris: Suck on this, Wesker!
    Sheva: Your time's up, you son of a bitch!
  • Sheva gets quite an impressive moment near the start of the game. Chris and she have just reached a downed helicopter, and are ambushed by about half a dozen Majini on motorcycles, one of which uses a chain to snag Chris's leg. As Chris is being dragged away, Sheva fires one precise shot and blows through the chain. Repeat: that was one bullet, fired at a small target moving very fast. Pretty damn impressive considering that Chris is the renowned marksman and Sheva is the new character.
  • Why is the part when Chris and Sheva are trying to pull that thing that forces Jill to do crap Wesker wants her to do off her chest here? That moment when either Chris or Sheva restrains the seemingly crazed Jill and the other pulls the thing out, made more breath-taking by the camera angles... It becomes even more awesome when it's Chris who's pulling it out, because it could come off as Shipping Fuel. Granted, they've been shippable Platonic Life Partners for a long time now.
  • Josh's epic Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of the first chapter. After Sheva's aforementioned awesome handgun shot, the Majini are still closing in, and Chris and Sheva are simply outmatched. Then, suddenly BOOM Headshot! One of the Majini drops dead, and BOOM another, and another, and another... cut to Josh, Sheva's Big Brother Mentor, on a nearby rooftop sniping the enemies with his SIG SG 556. He finishes the last one by blowing up its motorcycle
  • No love for Desperate Escape? Josh's helicopter buddy Doug spends the entire mission endlessly hitting on Jill over the radio, as Josh and she fight through an army of Majini to get to the helipad. His arrival is delayed somewhat, but he more than makes up for it by landing on a nearby roof with bad teeth and a monster of a rifle, which he uses to open a can of whupass with (scoring consecutive headshots at one point). He's stopped only when a Majini hits him with a Stinger missile, forcing a distraught Josh to fly and evade a second missile from said Majini. The Mook doesn't get a third shot, however, because as he takes aim, he finds himself staring down the barrel of Doug's dropped SIG, currently being held by a very pissed off Jill Valentine, and that's the end of that.
  • '''HERE'S BARRY!''' Age does not slow down Barry Burton as he kicks ass in Mercenary Reunion mode. He headbutts a zombie for heaven's sake. And wins! Rebecca has a shotgun in one paw, machine gun in the other, enough ammo to wipe out every last Majini, can use fire to kill them, and smart enough to set up her inventory so she can insta heal. Distressed Damsel no more!
  • How about Lost in Nightmares? Battling Wesker in Dr. Spencer's mansion is the best.
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