Ship To Ship Combat / Theatre

  • In the Wicked fandom, there's Fiyeraba vs. Gelphie. It can get... heated. The Gelphie fandom seems to be the largest, though, probably because of the quite big number of gay people in the musical theatre fandoms.
    • On at least this isn't the case. The numbers on either side are pretty even, if anything more for Fiyeraba. Here there's no real combat either, the fanficcers simply pretend the other ship doesn't exist — to the extent that if a Fiyeraba writer writes a Gelphie or vice versa they'll be congratulated by their normal fanbase on how original they're being. This troper discovered a load of reviewers she didn't even know existed when she wrote a fic that didn't involve either pairing.
  • A common misconception about the Les MisÚrables fandom is that serious Ship-to-Ship Combat exists between shippers of Marius/Cosette and Marius/Eponine. In reality, particularly in modern day, fans tend to leave Marius/Cosette alone and ship Eponine with Enjolras, Combeferre, or Montparnasse.
  • Can get quite nasty among The Phantom of the Opera fans, with endless arguments over whether Christine should have ended up with brooding Stalker with a Crush the Phantom or Nice Guy Raoul.