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Series: Thirtysomething
The main cast.

Thirtysomething is a television drama series that aired on ABC from September 29, 1987, to May 28, 1991. It details the lives of seven friends in their 30s - former Sixties counterculture types turned Bourgeois Bohemians - living in suburban Philadelphia.

The main characters are:
  • Michael Steadman - An advertising executive.
  • Hope Steadman - Michael's wife, a freelance journalist raising their newborn daughter, Janey.
  • Elliot Weston - Michael's advertising partner, who, at the beginning of hte series, is having marital problems after an affair with a co-worker.
  • Nancy Weston - Elliot's wife, an aspiring artist raising their two children, Ethan and Brittany. Nancy battled ovarian cancer during the last two seasons.
  • Melissa Steadman - Michael's photographer cousin.
  • Gary Shepherd - An English professor who was Michael's best friend. Gary tragically dies in a car accident a few episodes into the final season.
  • Ellyn Warren - Hope's girlhood friend, a career woman.
  • Miles Drentell - Michael and Elliot's Bad Boss, who employed them once their ad agency went bankrupt.
  • Susannah Hart - Gary's girlfriend and later wife, who eventually bore him a daughter, Emma.

Not to be confused with the Hugh Laurie Britcom Fortysomething.

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