Series: The Wizard

Short-lived series (pardon the pun) about a little person with really big ideas. Simon McKay (played by 3'11'' David Rappaport) is a genius inventor who eschews violence. His rare mind (and apparent weakness) makes him a target for a wide range of not-so-nice interests, so the government assigns agent Alex Jagger to be his bodyguard.

Together with Simon's housekeeper Tilly, Simon and Alex get in scrape after scrape, to be rescued with Simon's bizarre and improbable devices and potions.

This show has been encapsulated as "MacGyver as a Midget"

Tropes featured include:

  • Head Desk: In one episode, Simon mentions "trying to punch a hole through the wall with [his] head" to a robot he built. This leads to the robot lasering a hole out of said wall a few inches from his head.
  • Hey, It's That Girl!: Gates McFadden appears in the pilot episode.
  • MacGyvering: Par for the course for Simon.