Fridge / The Wizard

Fridge Logic
  • Just how did Jimmy figure out where the warp zone was?
    • Some viewers have speculated that he might be psychic. Then again:
    • Fridge Brilliance: Super Mario Bros. game had a similar way to access it's warp zone.
    • How'd the other kids know to yell advice to Jimmy about how to get the flute? It's the first time both in and out-of-story that anyone had actually seen SUPER! MARIO BROTHERS! THREE!! before, so perhaps they were psychic too.
  • Jimmy, implied to have no video game experience, dominates early on with Double Dragon and Ninja Gaiden. Later on in the movie, Sam, also implied to have no video game experience, is seen playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, mentioning he made it to level 3, and later on has made it a good deal through Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (judging from both the sound effects, and Sam mentioning a "Magic Key"). Kicking ass at video games is in the Woods' blood.
  • If the family was driving back to Utah from LA, why did they drive past the Cabazon Dinosaurs outside of Palm Springs, which are nowhere near I-15?
  • Why is Haley so worried about a "New Game" when Super Mario Bros 3 is announced? Jimmy's strength is new games he has never played before (e.g. getting 50,000 in Double Dragon on his first go). Lucas is only a master because he owns all the games, it's he who should be complaining about the new game.
  • If you're going to put a Hollywood Autistic child in an institution because he keeps running away, shouldn't you pick an institution that doesn't just let children wander in and out willy nilly?
  • Why doesn't Putnam just negotiate contracts where he gets paid for his work regardless of who returns Jimmy? Competing with a missing child's own family is blatantly counterproductive, especially when all the adults have the same goal of seeing Jimmy kept safe.
  • Haley is apparently a psychic-level craps player, and the best way she can think to make money is with a kid who's good at NES games?