Series / Suburban Shootout

Brit Com (2006-2007) about a meek housewive and her copper husband who move to the seemingly idyllic village of Little Stempington, where a criminal turf war is raging beneath the postcard-perfect facade. The perps are two rival gangs of wealthy housewives — the "good" gang led by Barbara du Prez and the "bad" gang led by Camilla Diamond. The result is a biologically implausible result of a threesome between Desperate Housewives, Midsomer Murders, and The Sweeney.

Main characters include:
  • Joyce Hazeldine: our beleaguered heroine, who finds herself being pulled between Barbara and Camilla.
  • Camilla Diamond: the leader of the "bad" gang, running various criminal enterprises and rackets in Little Stempington.
  • Barbara du Prez: the leader of the "good" gang, who is Camilla's Arch-Enemy and commits herself to defeating the bad gang by any means necessary.
  • Hilary Davenport: one of Camilla's sidekicks, an archetypical cougar.
  • Lillian Gordon-Moore: another of Camilla's sidekicks, a tomboy and near-sensual gun enthusiast.

This show provides examples of