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Ruined FOREVER: Sports

  • Professional and college sports has more than its fair share of RUINED FOREVER moments. Any major mishap or miscue, particularly regarding roster or management changes, can lead to fans screaming about how their team will never win again. For example, the 2009 signing of Allen Iverson by the Memphis Grizzlies NBA club had fans hoping for a rejuvenation of what was arguably the worst team in all of basketball. Then, when Iverson and the Grizz dissolved their contract mere weeks later, fans were almost literally screaming "Ruined Forever!!"
    • Those fans who weren't muttering "I Knew It" anyway.
  • Marcelo Bielsa was the coach of Chile's national football team and his run on the team was considered superb by a huge part of the Chilean population (football is the most popular sport there, to the point that him and the national team were received like heroes when they came back from South Africa 2010). Then in the 2010 election of the national football association president he said that if the current president lost the election he was leaving. That guy lost the election, Bielsa left, and now football is RUINED FOREVER in Chile, with people protesting on the street and writing letters to every newspaper. There is even a campaign to quit the football channel on the cable en masse, for God's sake. Football is Serious Business in Chile.
  • Any major rule change in sports is almost guaranteed to get this reaction. The designated hitter is a prime example in baseball. Recent attempts to curb injuries on the field in the NFL have received this in spades.
  • Brendan Shanahan as the new NHL head disciplinarian drew ire from some fans after a few suspensions, claiming "He suspended players for too long! The NHL will become a no-hitting league!"
  • Find yourself an artistic gymnastics fan born before about 1996. Now ask them about the elimination of the perfect ten and the rise of event specialists in a sport that used to be dominated by All-Arounders like Nadia Comaneci, Shannon Miller, and Lilia Podkopayeva. Prepare to listen to an incredibly long rant about how the sport will never be the same and how no gymnast could ever match [insert fan's favorite gymnast here] because of the de-emphasis of the all-around.
  • OJ Simpsons football legacy. He was one of the greatest players of his era, but everyone remembers him for the latter half of his life.
  • Limited overs cricket has RUINED CRICKET FOREVER!!!
  • Pay drivers have RUINED FORMULA ONE FOREVER! (Never mind that some of the greatest drivers started as pay drivers themselves.)
    • For those not in the know, those are drivers that essentially paid a team to drive a car, something that's happened throughout its history, but has emerged into prominence in recent years as a result of the economy and the needs of less fortunate teams to find money somehow.
  • Rugby Union had for since its inception been an amateur only sport, but during the 1980s and 1990s this had been slowly changing until it eventually became fully professional. With this, to many, it had become RUINED FOREVER!

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