Referenced By / Jane Eyre

Comic Books:

  • An issue of Doctor Who: the Twelfth Doctor from Titan Comics, based upon Doctor Who, features the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald sharing an adventure with Charlotte Bronte. Clara, a schoolteacher, and the Doctor, an older-looking, stern man, show themselves to be masters of Snark-to-Snark Combat, and the relationship between the two in the comic and on screen always had an element of intentional Ship Tease. As such, the story ends with Bronte revealing that Clara and the Doctor have inspired the characters of Jane and Mr. Rochester.


Live Action TV:

  • In Friends, Jane Eyre is discussed during literature classes that Phoebe is taking. Rachel didn't read it and believes Phoebe when she sarcastically says that the plot involves cyborgs. Rachel says it in front of the teacher, starting with a reasonable sentence that the book was so ahead of its time. Though apparently, she later started to compare it with RoboCop (1987).