Heartwarming / Jane Eyre

  • Miss Temple invites Jane and Helen for tea, and the starving girls eat some delicious cake and converse about Latin.
  • Jane's caring for Adele, and feeling sorry for her after Rochester explains that her mother basically abandoned her.
  • When Jane finally leaves Gateshead after her aunt dies, she and her cousin, Eliza, end up parting on relatively good terms—while they aren't necessarily friends, they get along much better as adults than they did as children and Eliza points out that, unlike Georgiana, Jane's at least doing something useful with her life and they wish each other luck in their futures.
  • Jane's first return to Thornfield from Gateshead. She comes home, looking forward to seeing motherly Mrs. Fairfax, hearing Adele's nurse, Leah's happy greeting and Adele's chatter. The hot summer weather adds to the good feeling.
  • Rochester actually bonding with Adele in the carriage scene after insisting he didn't want her on the trip.
  • The very end of the story is full of these:
    • Reader, I married him. Aww. Narrator, congratulations.
    • When Jane finally reunites with Mr. Rochester after Thornfield Manor burned down—he has since lost his left hand and his eyesight, and he's worried that Jane will be repulsed by his current appearance. And is she? Nope! Jane assures Rocester that she still loves him despite what he looks like now, and she finally agrees to marry him.
      • Jane eventually gives birth to her and Rochester's first-born child—a boy—and by then, Rochester has regained enough of his eyesight to be able to see their son.