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    Live Action TV 

  • In an episode of The Honeymooners Ed Norton says "Dum da Dum Dum".
  • An episode of It Takes a Thief (1968) titled "The Scorpio Drop" in which star Robert Wagner starts the Cold Open with "This is the city, Washington, DC. My name is Mundy...I'm a thief." Oddly enough on May 5, 2012 this episode aired on Digital station Antenna TV directly after an actual episode of Dragnet, without even a commercial between the Universal logo and the start of the parody.
  • An episode of The Monkees features Peter say, "Hey, its time for Dragnet! Anyone got a tv?" This shot is currently (May 2012) being used in an Antenna TV ad, which shows both programs in their line-up.
  • Officer Joe Webber was a recurring character on The Bob Newhart Show.
  • Seinfeld featured a character called Mr Bookman, a library official who behaved like Joe Friday. Another episode had Kramer channel a Joe Fridayish Inspector in order to get a stolen statue back from a cleaning man.
  • An early episode of Sesame Street featured a segment with Sergeant Thursday and his partner Ben (a parody of Ben Romero) questioning a letter M to see if it had seen their suspect - a letter W.
  • The PBS series Square One TV would end every episode with Mathnet a complete parody of the show.note 
    The story you are about to see is a fib. But it's short. The names are made up, but the problems are real.
  • One The Tonight Show clip features Jack Webb parodying himself as he and Johnny Carson talk in a Dragnet style tongue twister - The Case of the Copped Copper Clappers.


  • In The Beatles song "She Came In Though The Bathroom Window," "Sunday's on the phone to Monday/Tuesday's on the phone to me."


    Video Games 

  • In L.A. Confidential, Jack Vincennes is the LAPD's advisor on the show "Badge Of Honour", which is clearly a Dragnet Expy - one of the cast uses "Just the facts", with the implication that it's a recurring phrase in the show.

    Western Animation 

  • In the episode of The Simpsons entitled "Mother Simpson", Friday and Gannon investigate the return of Homer's long lost Mother, forced underground after a sixties protest incident. Harry Morgan voices Gannon.
  • A Looney Tunes Porky and Daffy cartoon called Rocket Squad is a straight-up parody, set IN SPACE! , where Daffy Duck plays "Sergeant Joe Monday". The twist is that the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue shows him and his partner being arrested for wrongful arrest.
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle:
    • One story arc features Rocky being questioned by expies of Friday and Gannon.
    • A Bullwinkle's Corner segment parodying "Tom-Tom the Piper's Son" turned into a parody of the show.


  • MAD once featured Dragged Net! (the radio/original tv version) and Dumbnet - A What IV Production (the 60s/70s version).