Recap / The X-Files S08 E20 "Essence"

An alien super soldier starts killing everyone involved in the alien hybrid experiments, and comes after Scully and her unborn baby.

Tropes used in this episode:

  • Bandage Wince: Scully tends to a bad gash near Mulder's eye while he and Doggett sit at her kitchen table. They had gotten beaten up by Billy Myles, who had been recently revealed as an indestructible Super Soldier. Mulder winces and bats her hands away as she tries to clean the wound. Mulder teases her and tells her it's a good thing she gave up a career in medicine, since she has "manos de piedra" (hands of stone).
  • Face–Heel Turn: Billy Miles, though the real one died and this is a super soldier.
  • Immune to Bullets: The super soldiers are immune to everything that can kill a normal human being.
  • Myth Arc
  • Villainous Rescue: Krycek, with some timely Car Fu.