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Recap: The Emiya Clan
Here lies the recap page for The Emiya Clan. Beware- the pages will almost certainly contain spoilers. Also note many of the stories are written in non-chronological order so it is likely an 'earlier' story may contain events that are not referenced by a 'later' story.

For a full list of the Emiya Clan stories/omakes, see here.

stories by Cirex Review

  1. Innocence Lost

stories by deus-rasengan2

  1. Rosario+Emiya

stories by maximorph1

  1. The Black Knight
  2. Fate/Clan Wars
  3. Black Zero
  4. Code Black

stories by sagitarius

  1. Blood+ Emiya
  2. Paradox Sun 2

stories by Servius Regis

  1. A Season For Lunacy
  2. Paradox Sun
  3. Bride Price

stories by Silver Sun 17

  1. Harry Potter and the Winging of Aya

stories by throwaawy

  1. Fate/School Days

stories by trooper1023

  1. Devil's Wings

stories by Raug'moss

  1. Child of the Planet
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