Recap / Teen Titans S 3 E 13 Titans East Part Two

Cyborg: Guys, don't you get it? Brother Blood's controlling you. He wants you to be criminals just like him!
Brother Blood: No, Cyborg, I don't want them to be like me. I want them to be like you!

Cyborg attempts to fight off the Titans East singlehandedly after they reveal themselves to be under the control of Brother Blood. While trying to call the Robin for backup, however, Cyborg is captured and restrained. Brother Blood then arrives, having just undergone surgery to make himself half robotic using Cyborg's technology. He explains his plan to do the same to each of the Titans East once he discovers what allows Cyborg to resist his mind control. Robin and the other Titans arrive, having received Cyborg's distress call despite interference from the Titans East. Starfire frees Cyborg, who then pursues Brother Blood for their final battle while the Titans do battle with the Titans East.