Recap / Tales From The Crypt S 1 E 1 The Man Who Was Death

Niles Talbot is a perfect fit for his job as an executioner working for a state prison. But when his (unnamed)state bans the death penalty, Talbot decides to take the law into his own hands by bringing his brand of justice to the criminal scum he believes do not deserve to live.


  • Bookends: The episode opens as a prisoner, Charlie Ledbetter, is dragged to and strapped into the electric chair. The episode's closing scene shows Talbot being dragged to and strapped into the chair as the same music that played over the opening scene ambles on.
  • Ironic Echo: In the episode's opening scene, Talbot revels as a prisoner shouts that the governor is going to call to give him a stay of execution as he is strapped into the electric chair. Talbot states that this phone call has never happened. The episode concludes with Talbot being strapped into the chair, repeating the prisoner's desperate cries.