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Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 03 E 18 Distant Voices
Bashir and Garak are having their typical lunch together on the promenade. And Bashir is a tad grumpy. As Garak finds out, the good doctor is turning the dreaded 3-0.

In the middle of their discussion, a clearly nervous Quark approaches with a menacing Lethean named Altovar. He's looking to purchase some bio-mimetic gel...which is a restricted substance that's banned from purchase. When Bashir informs him of this, Altovar storms off.

Returning to sick-bay, Bashir finds him rummaging through his stuff. When he tries to stop him, he gets a psychic shock to the noggin and passes out on the spot.

Waking up (and noticing his hair seems to have grayed slightly) Bashir finds the station void of life. He can't contact anyone and the computer appears to be down. Wondering the vacant station, he finds Quark cowering behind his bar. And some mysterious figure in the shadows trashing the place.

The Ferengi bolts from the scene, and Bashir is left alone again. Heading for the security office, he finds Garak hiding out as well. The suspicious Cardassian notices Bashir hair is even grayer than before. And now he's hearing faint voices in his head.

Heading down a random corridor, the lights begin to go out one by one. Heading for the nearest turbolift, Bashir just escapes from Altovar, courtesy of a swift kick to the face.

But things seem up as he finds Dax, Kira, O'Brien and Odo huddled in the war-room...and they're all acting very out of character. O'Brien is cowardly, Odo is more paranoid than usual, etc. And Bashir appears to have aged 30 years.

Heading off to try at least to get communications up and running, it just gets weirder. The group hear Dax and Sisko discussing Bashir. One scan later, and the truth comes out. Altovar's attack put Bashir in a coma. And he's slowly dying.

Turns out the foursome are representations of various aspects of his personality. And just like that, Altovar appears out of nowhere and drags Dax off. Bashir goes to bang on the door...

and finds himself playing tennis on the promenade with Garak. In his 80's by now, Bashir heads off with Garak to try and fix his brain by fixing the station. Stumbling into a random corridor, Bashir finds a throng of injured people...and Sisko. Who represents his professionalism.

Not 10 seconds later, Altovar literally drags Sisko away through the wall. And a quick search finds Kira and Odo dead as well. Though Odo advises him to head for ops to fix this before he croaks.

After a bizarre scene at Quarks(Who is quickly dispatched by Altovar) Bashir fills out the stereotypical old man injury. A broken hip. Garak helps him up and heads for ops...where Bashir finds a surprise birthday party waiting for him.

And tennis balls in the computer. Through all this, Bashir finally questions Garak on what he represents...turns out he doesn't represent anything. He's Altovar in disguise. After getting a talking-to from him, Bashir heads for sick-bay. Ops may be the center of the station, but sick-bay is where Bashir's world is.

One quick computer fix up later and Altovar is gone and Bashir awakens no worse for the wear.


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