Recap / Penny And Aggie Pod People

"Drag the record companies to their knees, rewrite copyright law, set this feeling free... It'll do for a start."
— Aggie

As Aggie attempts to console Helen, whom Charlotte has just cut out of her life following the events of the previous arc, Helen tells Aggie that she wouldn't understand Charlotte because they're "nothing alike." However, a glimpse of Charlotte shouting "You're disgusting!" at herself in the mirror, followed by Aggie later thinking the same thing of herself, suggests otherwise.

The following day at school, Aggie is still berating herself for having failed, despite her activist principles and pronouncements, to oppose Charlotte's attempted framing of Katy-Ann. Sitting on a hall bench without noticing Lisa Winklemeyer, the iPod enthusiast who tried unsuccessfully to befriend her in Variety Pack, beside her, Aggie thinks there's no one she can talk to because no one knows how she feels. At that moment, Lisa smiles compassionately at her and plays her a blues song on her iPod. This time, Aggie doesn't run off, and the two of them become fast friends as they discover a shared interest, despite Lisa's claim of apathy regarding social issues, in activism against digital rights management.