Recap: Once Upon A Time S 1 E 2 The Thing You Love Most

Season 1, Episode 2:

The Thing You Love Most

Maleficent: Don't do this, this curse. There are lines even we shouldn't cross. All power comes with a price. Enacting it will take a terrible toll. It will leave an emptiness inside you—a void you will never be able to fill.
The Evil Queen: Then so be it.

Emma: If I stay, Henry's only going to keep getting hurt.
Mary Margaret: What'll happen if you go? I think the very fact that you want to leave is why you have to stay. You care about him. Who will protect Henry if you won't?

Regina sees Emma as a possible threat to her relationship with Henry and does everything in her power to force Emma into permanently leaving Storybrooke. Meanwhile, in the fairy tale land that was, the chilling circumstances of how the Evil Queen released her curse upon the Enchanted Forest are revealed along with the price she paid in order to do so.


  • Don't Explain the Joke: When Graham says Emma staying is "bad for local signage."
    Graham: "It's a joke ... because you ran over our sign."
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Maleficent refuses to give the Dark Curse to Regina as she says "There are lines even we shouldn't cross".
    • Leads to Foreshadowing. To cast the Dark Curse you have to sacrifice the thing you love most. Why has Maleficent never cast it? Surely she doesn't love anything? Season Four reveals that Maleficent is pregnant at this time and that her daughter (then just her unborn child) is the thing she loves most.
  • Ironic Echo: "You have no idea what I'm capable of" and "Your move".
  • Self-Made Orphan: Regina kills her father because she loves him, as the only way to make her heart dark enough for the curse to work.
  • Wham Line: Or rather, Wham Word. Gold says "Please" to Regina, hinting that he still retains his memories.
    • "Daddy, I don't know what to do". Regina's Hidden Depths are first revealed.